zadiac signs virgo

Zodiac Signs Virgo

Element: Earth
24 August- 23 September

The maiden is very passionate and dedicated but keeps these qualities under wraps. Whom she opens, he is lucky. She is open to change and draws from nature. At the same time, she masters herself through iron discipline. Between these two poles of self-realization and mastery, she has to fathom her happiness. She questions a lot and does not want to offer any attack surface for others.

What awaits the Virgo sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Virgo in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles..

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(23 August- 22 September)

Virgo is a feminine bastion that belongs to the soil group of those born between 23 August and 22 September. The ruler planet is Mercury.

General Features of Virgo

Ruling Planet Mercury
ColourShades of blue and green
StrengthsLoyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical
WeaknessesShyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play
FlowerSunflower & marigold
QualitiesUsefulness, sensitivity
Corresponding Body PartsDigestive system, intestines
Top Love MatchesCancer

What are the lucky points of Virgo?

The auspicious stones of Virgo are sapphire, blue neat, blue crystal and zeber. lucky day Wednesday; The auspicious flowers are azalea, yellow violet, lavender and lily. The colors that are good for the energies of the people who have this meticulous bush are fresh colors such as light blue and turquoise.

What is Virgo?

Virgo horoscopes, which stands out with its meticulousness and intelligence, can highlight itself in any environment with its disciplined structures and sharp lines. Virgo Horoscopes, who is extremely obsessed, can cause serious harm to his environment and to his bilateral human relations in extreme cases. Due to her detailed and perfectionist nature, she has difficulty in many situations and obsessing with things may poison her and those around her. They like to be admired and appreciated in the subjects they are interested in and know.In some cases, even though the Virgo adopts a timid structure, they overwhelm most things with their tenacity and their beliefs. Because of his wits and view of events, they get an idea of ​​everything. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made to restrict and keep within certain limits. It’s one of the most terrible nightmares of a headache. Whatever he does, he endeavors to be successful.
This is not true, although most of the time it is meant for Virgo. The Virgo spends on the importance given to individuals and events and the order of value. To be perfect in every aspect of their lives and to perfect the situation is very important for them. They attach to fine points and always give priority to their jobs. Virgos, who is often friendly and optimistic, likes to build and perfect bilateral human relationships.

How is the Virgo Men?

The punctual has a hard working and very detailed structure. Practical intelligence and knowledge are their boast. Although his critical aspects make him a compelling person, he does not like to be criticized. A Virgo in your life is an individual who makes your life easier, because of its structure.

What is the Virgo Woman?

It is almost impossible to like anything to a woman of Virgo. It captures the smallest flaws and details on status or objective things, and does not hesitate to go over them. She can immerse himself in these details, remain among the classics, and can fend for himself.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous virgo

August 23, 1970River PhoenixActor
August 24, 1770Friedrich HegalWriter
August 24, 1944Chris ChubbockCelebrity
August 25, 1918Leonard BernsteinConductor
August 25, 1930 Sean ConneryActor
August 25, 1933 Regis Philbin TV Personality
August 25, 1947Anne ArcherActress
August 25, 1954Elvis CostelloSinger
August 26, 1819Prince AlbertRoyalty
August 26, 1904Christopher IsherwoodReligious Figure
August 26, 1921Zipporah DobynsAstrologer
August 26, 1923Richard AttenboroughTV Host
August 27, 1871Theodore DreiserWriter
August 27, 1908Lyndon JohnsonPresident USA
August 27, 1910Mother TeresaHumanitarian
August 27, 1929Yasser ArafatPolitical Figure
August 27, 1931Sri ChinmoyReligious Leader
August 27, 1939 Pee Wee HermanComdian
August 27, 1943Tuesday WeldActress
August 28, 1749Johann V. GoetheWriter
August 29, 1876Frances KetteringEngineer
August 29, 1907Don LoperDesigner
August 29, 1962MaeterlinckHistorical Figure
August 29, 1915Ingrid BergmanActress
August 29, 1938Elliot GouldActor
August 29, 1958Michael JacksonSinger
August 30, 1797Mary Godwin ShelleyWriter
August 30, 1943Jean Claud KillySkier
August 31, 1880Queen WilhelminaNeth. Royalt
August 31, 1903 Arthur Godfrey Entertainer
August 31, 1908William SaroyanWriter
August 31, 1916 Daniel SchorrJounalist
August 31, 1924Buddy HacketActor
August 31, 1928James CoburnActor
August 31, 1949Richard GereActor
August 31, 1950Arthur BremerCriminal
September 1, 1875 - William Rice BurroughsWriter
September 1. 1907Walter ReutherUnion Official
September 1, 1924Rocky MarcianoBoxer
September 1938Alan DershowitzAttorney
September 1,1939 Lilly TomlinComediene
September 1. 1957Gloria EstefanSinger
September 2, 1919Marge ChampionDancer
September 2, 1948Terry BradshawSports Figure
September 2, 1951Mark HarmonActor
September 2, 1961Michael ThiessenAstrologer
September 3, 1935Eileen BrennanActress
September 3, 1943Valarie PerrineActress
September 3, 1965Charlie SheenActor
September 4, 1530Ivan the TerribleRoyalty
September 4, 1824Anton BrucknerComposer
September 4, 1896Antinon ArtaudWriter
September 4, 1908Richard WrightInventor
September 4, 1913Micky CohenGangster
September 4, 1918 Paul HarveyBroadcaster
September 4, 1920 Craig ClaiborneWriter
September 4, 1929 Tomas EageltonPolitician
September 5, 1912John CageMusician
September 5, 1913John MitchellPolitician
September 5, 1927Paul Volcker Federal Reserve
September 5, 1902Darryl F. ZanuckProducer
September 5, 1929Bob NewhartActor
September 5, 1940Raquel WelchActress
September 6, 1888 Joseph Kennedy Sr. Famous Family
September 6, 1860Jane AdamsSocial Worker
September 6, 1944Swoosie KurtzActress
September 7, 1887Edith SitwellWriter
September 7, 1900Taylor Caldwell Writer
September 7, 1924Daniel InouyePolitician
September 7, 1943Peter LynchFinancial Wiz
September 7, 1936 Buddy HollySinger
September 8, 1841Antonin DvorakComposer
September 8, 1889Robert TaftPolitician
September 8, 1922Lyndon LaroucheCelebrity
September 8, 1924Grace MetaliousWriter
September 8, 1925Peter SellersActor
September 8, 1948 Sam NunPolitician
September 9, 1890Jimmy “the Greek SnyderCelebrity
September 9. 1925Cliff Robertson Actor
September 9, 1941Otis ReddingMusician
September 9, 1951Michael KeatonActor
September 10, 1929Arnold PalmerSport Figure
September 10, 1934Charles KuraltJournalist
September 10, 1945Jose FelicianoSinger
September 10, 1948 Margaret TrudeauPolitical Wife
September 10, 1953Amy IrvingActress
September 10, 1924Tom LandrySports Figure
September 11, 1862 O. HenryWriter
September 11, 1885 D.H. Lawrence Writer
September 11, 1932Bob Packwood Politician
September 11, 1940Brian DepalmaDirector
September 11, 1962Kristy McNicholActress
September 12, 1880Henry L. MenkenWriter
September 12, 1888Maurice ChevalierActor
September 12, 1940Linda Gray Actress
September 13, 1819Clara SchumannComposer
September 13, 1857Milton HersheyIndustrialist
September 13, 1905Claudette ColbertActress
September 13, 1944Jacqueline BissettActress
September 13, 1948Nell CarterActress
September 14, 1879Margaret Sanger Activist
September 15, 1789George Fenimore CooperWriter
September 15, 1857William H. TaftPresident US
September 15, 1880Agatha ChristieWriter
September 15, 1922Jackie Cooper Actor
September 16, 1638Lousi XIV 'Sun King' Royalty
September 16, 1924Lauren BacallActress
September 16, 1926 Rev. Robert SchullerReligious Leader
September 17, 1907 Warren Burger U.S. Justice
September 17, 1931Anne BancroftActress
September 17, 1948John RitterActor
September 18, 1916Rossano BrazziActor
September 18, 1962Refrigerator PerrySports Figure
September 18, 1905Greta GarboActress
September 19, 1928Mickey Mouse Cartoon Character
September 19, 1941Cass ElliotSinger
September 19, 1948Jeremy IronsActor
September 19, 1949TwiggyModel
September 19, 1950Joan LundenTV Personality
September 20, 1853Chulalonghorn, SiamRoyalty
September 20, 1878Upton SinclareWriter
September 20, 1928 Dr. Joyce BrothersPsychologist
September 20, 1934 Sophia LorenActress
September 21, 1874Gustave HolstComposer
September 21, 1866H. G. WellsWriter
September 21, 1931Harry HagmanActor
September 21, 1944Hamilton JordonPress Secretary
September 21, 1947Stephen KingWriter
September 21, 1950Bill MurrayActor
September 22, 1932Ingemar Johansson Boxer
September 22, 1960Joan JettSinger
September 22, 1960Tai Babilonia Skater