zodiac signs taurus

Zodiac Signs Taurus

Element: Earth
Date: 21 April- 20 May

The powerful bull is both thoughtful and patient and a never-ending workhorse. He needs the security, but also likes to fall into the creative. As a musician and artist, he does not tend to high-altitude flights, but to tangible projects. Realism tames the fantasies of the bull, making him a good friend and reliable partner. A bull, however, also enjoys flirting and is cheerful – just passion.

What awaits the Taurus sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Taurus in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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What is Taurus? What does the sign of the Taurus sign mean? What is the characteristic of a bull sign? What are the main features of Taurus? What are the general characteristics of Taurus? What are the physical characteristics of the Taurus? What are the characteristics of Taurus according to birthdays? What is the planet of the Taurus? What is the element of a bull sign? What is the gender of Taurus? What are the lucky colors of Taurus? What are the lucky flowers of Taurus? Who are the celebrities who are Taurus? What are the superior abilities of the Taurus? What are the professions to be successful in Taurus? The answers to such questions can be found in this article.

General Features of Taurus

Ruling PlanetVenus
Group Fixed
Colour Green, earth colours
Strengths reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Weaknesses stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
FlowerRose, Poppy, & Foxglove
Qualities Wisdom, loyalty
Corresponding Body PartsNeck, vocal cords
Top Love MatchesCancer - Virgo

Who is Taurus?

Taurus is one of the 12 horoscope signs. The Taurus is a sign covering the date of 20 April 20 May. The symbol of the zodiac is Taurus. The element is soil. Venus is the planet of the Taurus

Meaning and Feature of Taurus Sign

This basic feature of the bull, which is the sign of stability and continuity, is explained by the circle in the symbol of the sign. He finishes the work he has started like a circle, and concludes it by combining the two ends. He doesn’t like to chase after-going challenges. Taurus also has a friendly and protective character. This feature is explained by the horns opening outwards. It is the person of continuity and long-standing relationships. These two characteristic features of the friendly Taurus are represented by the circle of the sign of the sign of the zodiac and two horns that open to the environment.

Basic Characteristics of Taurus

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, is a representative of beauty, love and fine arts. The gender of the Taurus is female. The superior ability is caring and knowing what you want. The characteristic feature of the Taurus is that it is a friendly spirit and protective. The goal of Taurus is to live in rich and luxurious. The complaints of the bull taurus; Feudiness, Fury, Luxury longing and selfishness.

Chance of the Taurus

The lucky day of Taurus is Tuesday. Lucky numbers are 5, 6, 13, 118, 4524 species. The lucky stone of Taurus, known for its fondness for luxury, is Emerald. Lucky colors of the bull zodiac that likes to lead luminous life; Pink, Blue, Cream and Green. Lucky flowers of Taurus; Red roses, pink carnation.

Physical Properties of Taurus

The lips are in the foreground and are attractive. Bulls with fluffy hair, they want to shed their hair on their faces. Hair usually has curls. The male bull’s hair won’t fall out. Their foreheads are narrow. As their age progresses, the lines on the face become visible. If the Venus effect is intense, the eyes are black and in the foreground. According to the sign of the rising sign, the eyes may be green. A large, flattened jaw, a large, flattened nose is visible. The lips on the attractive faces are in the foreground. They are very prone to gain weight.

General Features of Taurus

Taurus represents the hope. With its presence, it adds color and richness to the Earth. Without a Taurus, the circle of horoscopes is unthinkable. The Taurus signs are warm, responsible and humane. This humanistic attitude has taken from nature. Taurus is spiritualist as well as materialist. Since it is ruled by Venus, the planet of the Taurus, it has the ability to appreciate the material and spiritual aspects of the art rather than its artistic achievements. He does not interpret the art only from the spiritual point of view. He wants to keep his artworks in his collection.

Nature-loving Taurus gets great pleasure in doing every job done in nature. For example fishing, trekking hobbies are exactly for Taurus sign. This is the effect of soil, which is the element of the Taurus sign. Taurus hates sudden displacement. Such sudden events have a negative impact on the professional life. It takes time for you to collect yourself as a result. The reason is that you don’t feel safe. In these cases, the sense of trust is always under threat.

Taurus is an example of patience, stability and endurance. While others are escaping responsibilities, the Taurus remains and struggles to protect and protect what he has. Taurus is capable of reuniting everything around it even if it is dispersed. The bull sign that fits very hard to the outside environment likes to do things that are strict rules. In critical situations, Taurus does not lose courage easily. The sense of protection of the Taurus is known to everyone. In such a difficult situation, Taurus makes an extraordinary effort and effort.

Characteristics of Taurus by Birthdays

  • April 21: Responsible
  • April 22: Scott
  • April 23: Timid
  • April 24: Protector
  • April 25: Materialist
  •  April 26: Decent
  • April 27: Enough
  • April 28: Milking
  • April 29: Sad
  • April 30: Enough
  • May 1: Sarcastic
  • May 2: Inspector
  • May 3: Communicator
  • May 4: Nanny
  • May 5: Cannot be deceived
  • May 6: Fantastic
  • May 7: Fond
  • May 8: Raunchy
  • May 9: Valiant
  • May 10: Solo
  • May 11: Traveler
  • May 12: Independent
  • May 13: Attractive
  • May 14: Flood
  • May 15: The Imaginary
  • May 16: Gadgets
  • May 17: Hard
  • May 18: Moving
  • May 19: The Persuasion
  • May 20: Expressionist

Successful Jobs in Taurus

Military, medical, chemistry, dentistry, architect, contractor, iron and steel works, trade, engineering, industrial branches, bankers, practical professions.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous Taurus

April 21, 1816Charlotte BronteWriter
April 21, 1838John MuirNaturalist
April 21, 1926Queen Elizabeth II British Royalty
April 22, 1724Immanuel KantPhilosopher
April 22, 1870Nicolai LeninMarxist
April 22, 1904Robert OppenheimerPhysicist
April 22, 1908Eddie AlbertActor
April 22, 1916Yehudi MenuhinMusician
April 22, 1936Glen CampbellEntertainer
April 22, 1937Jack NicholsonActor
April 23, 1452Leonardo DavinciArtist
April 23, 1519Catherine de MediciFrench Royalty
April 23, 1891Sergei ProkofievComposer
April 23, 1928Shirley Temple BlackActress
April 23, 1939Lee MajorsActor
April 24, 1934Shirly MacLaineActress
April 24, 1942Barbara SteisandSinger
April 25, 1874Guglielmo MarconiScientist
April 25, 1908Eduard R. MurrowBroadcaster
April 26, 1933Carol BurnettComedian
April 26, 1924Jack SchwartzPsychic Healer
April 26, 1894Rudolph HessNazi
April 27, 1822Ulysses S. GrantU.S. President
April 27, 1891Samual MorseInventor
April 27, 1822Ulysses S. GrantU.S. President
April 27, 1922Jack KlugmanActor
April 27, 1927Coretta KingActivitist
April 28, 1479Lucrezia BorgiaHistorical Figure
April 28, 1912Odette SansonSecret Agent
April 29, 1901Hirohito Japanese Royalty
April 29, 1936Mehta ZubinConductor
April 29, 1947Johnny MillerGolfer
April 29, 1955Kate MulgrewActress
April 29, 1970Uma ThurmanActress
April 30, 1893J. von RibbentropNazi
May 01, 1769Duke of WellingtonMilitarist
May 01, 1881Pierre.T. De ChardinPriest Philosopher
May 01, 1918Jack PaarTV Host
May 01, 1945Rita CoolidgeSinger
May 02, 1729Catherine the GreatRussian Royality
May 02, 1903Dr. Benj. SpockChild Specialist
May 02, 1903Bing CrosbySinger
May 02, 1925Roscoe Lee BrowneActor
May 03, 1902Walter SlezakActor
May 03, 1919Pete SeegerSinger
May 03, 1921Sugar Ray RobinsonSports Figure
May 04, 1915Moshe DayanPolitician
May 05, 1599Oliver CromwellPolitician
May 05, 1818Karl MarxRevolutionary
May 05, 1943Bob WoodwardReporter
May 05, 1958Annette BenningActress
May 06, 1758Maximil. RobespierreRevolutionary
May 06, 1856Sigmund FreudPsychologist
May 06, 1895Rudolph ValentinoActor
May 06, 1913Stewart GrangerActor
May 06, 1915Orson WellsProducer
May 06, 1931Willie MaysSports Figure
May 06, 1937Rubin CarterHomicide
May 07, 1861Randindranath TagorePoet
May 07, 1833Johnnes BrahmsComposer
May 07, 1901Gary CooperActor
May 07, 1908Eva PeroneDictator
May 08, 1929Jane RobertsChannel
May 08, 1884Harry S. TrumanU.S. President
May 09, 1800John BrownRadical
May 09, 1907Kathryn KulmanEvangalist
May 09, 1918Mike WallaceTV Personality
May 09, 1928Poncho GonzalesSports Figure
May 09, 1942David R. GurgenTV Personality
May 09, 1944Daniel BarriganRadical
May 09, 1946Candice BergenActress
May 10, 1899Fred AstaireDancer
May 10, 1902David O. SelznickProducer
May 10, 1900Karl KraftGerman Astrologer
May 10, 1939Jean HustonPsychologist
May 10, 1940Wayne DyerPsychologist
May 11, 1469N. MachiavelliPotitician
May 11, 1888Irving BerlinComposer
May 11, 1894Martha GrahamDancer
May 11, 1927Mort SahlComedian
May 12, 1895Jeddu KrishnamurtiReligious Leader
May 12, 1820Florence NightingaleHumanitarian
May 12, 1907Katherine HepburnActress
May 12, 1937George CarlinComedian
May 13, 1914Joe LewisSports Figure
May 13, 1923Richard AvedonPhotographer
May 13, 1931Jim JonesCultist
May 13, 1939Harvey KeitelActor
May 13, 1941Ritchie ValensSinger
May 13, 1950Stevie WonderSinger
May 14, 1925Patrice MunselSinger
May 14, 1936Bobby DarinSinger
May 14, 1944George LucasFilm maker
May 14, 1952David ByrneSinger
May 15, 1859Pierre CurryScientist
May 15, 1902 Richard DailyPolitician
May 15, 1918Joseph WisemanActivist
May 15, 1937Madeleine AlbrightAmbassador
May 16, 1905Henry FondaActor
May 16, 1908Muktananda Guru
May 16, 1925Liberace Entertainer
May 17, 1866Eric SatieComposer
May 17, 1895Gayelord HauserNutritionist
May 18, 1949Ida RolfBody Worker
May 20, 1799Honore BalzacWriter
May 20, 1908James StewartActor
May 20, 1946Cher Singer/Actress
May 21, 1904Robert MontgomeryActor
May 21, 1911Peter HurkosPsychic