zodiac signs scorpio

Zodiac Signs Scorpio

Element: Water
Date: 24 October- 22 November

Scorpions fascinate and attract. Relationships with them are explosive because the scorpion is jealous, can roar, is torn. Nevertheless, the scorpion also has thoughtful and shy sides. He likes to direct and advise others with preference, but he does not like to say anything himself. Scorpions can not be deceived and pursue their life goals independently – and quite successfully, as self-employed or leaders.

What awaits the Scorpio sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Scorpio in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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The scorpions are stubborn as far as they are. His decisive and vengeful emotions are so high that they cannot be suppressed. For this reason, Scorpio signs can often intimidate you. Since Mars and Pluto have the executive star, they have very strong intuitions. The point of view of the events and the situation can be said to be highly detailed and thoughtful. To accept defeat is never an option for scorpions. They have more passion, desire, lust and tooth to their teeth. Since they are attractive and attractive in their bilateral relations, they can easily adapt to any environment and adapt to new conditions. The scorpions that draw attention in their environment and love to come to the fore can postpone an event or person that they cannot adopt and the level of ignoring may increase.

General Features of Scorpio

Ruling PlanetMars - Pluto
Colour Dark red, maroon
StrengthsResourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend
WeaknessesDistrusting, jealous, secretive, violent
FlowerHibiscus & geraniums
QualityCoherence, pugnacity
Corresponding Body PartsGenital organs
Top Love MatchesCancer

Who is Scorpio?

Scorpio is a feminine bastion belonging to the water group owned by people born between October 23 and November 21. The planets are Mars and Pluto.

What are the lucky points of Scorpio?

The lucky stones of Scorpio are opal and lal stones. Lucky day Tuesday; The auspicious flowers are red carnation, red rose and fire flower. The colors that are good for the energies of people with this mysterious sign are passionate colors like red and black.

What are the negative features of Scorpio?

Negative aspects of Scorpions, very cold-blooded, cruel and fearless examples can be shown. If the scorpions do not learn to control some of their emotions, they start to cause serious harm to themselves and their environment. Therefore, if you want to establish a relationship with a scorpion, you must first respect him, then you must meet his expectations.

How is Scorpio Man?

There are devil feathers, so to speak. It has an extraordinary charm and charm. But if you want to establish close relationships with a Scorpio man, you should never lie and make hypocrisy. Definitely don’t expect a tolerance about this. Thanks to his intuition, he may even have some small ideas about what he doesn’t know.

What's a Scorpio woman like?

We are a woman of Scorpio, you must never deceive, never lie to her. Sometimes this is not the case for Scorpio women, even though such situations are attracted. Because of her mysterious and intuitive structure, she can understand a lot from a glance. It forces the bounded borders and never hesitates to go over it. Normally hard to like, likewise hardly gives up.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous scorpio

October 24, 1632A.van LeeuwenhoekMicrobiologist
October 24, 1644William PennFounder
October 24, 1947Kevin Kline Actor
October 25, 1888Richard E. ByrdExplorer
October 25, 1881 Pablo PicassoArtist
October 25, 1941Helen ReadySinger
October 26, 1914Jackie CooganChild Actor
October 26, 1919 Reza Pahlavi Shah Royalty
October 26, 1946Pat Sajak TV Host
October 26, 1947October 26, 1947First Lady
October 26, 1947Jaclyn Smith Actress
October 27, 1857Theodore Roosevelt President US
October 27, 1872Emily Post Etiquette
October 27, 1914Dylan Thomas Writer
October 27, 1926H.R. HaldemanNixon Cabinet
October 27, 1932 Sylvia PlathPoet
October 27, 1963Marla Maples Celebrity
October 28, 1914Jonas SalkScientist
October 28, 1939 John CleeseActor
October 28, 1949Kate Jackson Actress
October 28, 1616Nicholas CulpepperAstrologer
October 28, 1955 Bill GatesComputer
October 29, 1897 P.J. GoebbelsNazi
October 29, 1947Richard DreyfussActor
October 29, 1971Winona RyderActress
October 28, 1949Kate JacksonActress
October 30, 1885Ezra PoundPoet
October 30, 1924Truman CapoteWriter
October 30, 1939Grace Slick Singer
October 30, 1945Henry WinklerActor
October 30, 1951Harry HamlinActor
October 31, 1900Ethel WatersSinger
October 31, 1931Dan RatherNewscaster
November 1, 1866Cherio Occultist
November 1, 1871Steven CraneWriter
November 1, 1942Larry Flint Publisher
November 2, 1755Marie AntoinetteRoyalty
November 2, 1795James K. PolkPresident US
November 2, 1865Warren G. HardingPolitician
November 2, 1913Burt LancasterActor
November 2, 1938Pat BuchananJournalist
November 2, 1942 Shere Hite Writer
November 3, 1794 William C. Bryant Writer
November 3, 1901Andre MalrauxWriter
November 3, 1922Charles Bronson Actor
November 3, 1933Michael DukakisPolitician
November 3, 1952Roseanne ArnoldActress
November 4, 1879 Will RogersEntertainer
November 4, 1916Walter CronkiteNewscaster
November 4, 1919 Martin BalsamActor
November 4, 1937Loretta SwitActress
November 5, 1911Roy RodgersSinger
November 5, 1913Vivian LeighActress
November 5, 1931Ike TurnerSinger
November 5, 1941Elke Sommer Actress
November 5, 1941 Art GarfunkelSinger
November 5, 1942Paul SimonSinger
November 5, 1963Tatum O'Neal Child Actress
November 6, 1854John P. SousaComposer
November 6, 1946Sally Field Actress
November 6, 1946Maria ShriverKennedy Family
November 7, 1867Marie Curie Scientist
November 7, 1879Leon TrotskyRevolutionary
November 7, 1913Albert CamusWriter
November 7, 1918Billy GrahamReligious Reader
November 7, 1922Al HirtMusician
November 7, 1926Joan Sutherland Singer
November 7, 1937Mary TraversSinger
November 7, 1943Joni MitchellSinger
November 8, 1907Katherine HepburnActress
November 8, 1922Christian BarnardSurgeon
November 8, 1949Bonnie RaittSinger
November 8, 1950 Philip SedgwickAstrologer
November 9, 1826 Charubel Astrologer
November 9, 1914Hedy LamarrActress
November 9, 1918Spiro AgnewPolitician
November 9, 1934Carl Sagan Scientist
November 9, 1952Lou FerrignoCelebrity
November 10, 1925Richard BurtonActor
November 10, 1946David A. StockmanPolitical Aide
November 11, 1821F. DostoevskyWriter
November 11, 1918George Patton Military
November 11, 1922Kurt VonnegautWriter
November 11, 1925Jonathan WintersComedian
November 11, 1962Demi MooreActress
November 12, 1833 Alexander BorodinComposer
November 12, 1840Auguste RodinSculpture
November 12, 1929Grace KellyRoyalty
November 12, 1945Neil YoungSinger
November 12, 1961Nadia ComaneciAthlete
November 13, 1850Robert L. StevensonWriter
November 13, 1928Michel GauguelinAstrologer
November 13, 1949Whoppi GoldbergComedienne
November 14, 1896Mamie EisenhowerFirst Lady
November 14, 1908Joseph McCarthyPolitician
November 14, 1912Barbara HuttonActress
November 14, 1935King Hussein Jordan Royalty
November 15, 1929Ed AsnerActor
November 15, 1932Petula Clark Actress
November 15, 1956Ashley CoxModel
November 16, 1936Dick Cavett TV Host
November 17, 1925Rock HudsonActor
November 17, 1938Gordon LightfootSinger
November 17, 1942Martin Scorsese Director
November 17, 1943Lauren Hutton Actress
November 17, 1944Danny DeVito Actor
November 18, 1860 Ignace PaderewskiMusician
November 18, 1931Prince R. OrsiniRoyalty
November 18, 1939Brenda VacarroActress
November 19, 1831James GarfieldPresident US
November 19, 1917Indira Gandhi Political Leader
November 19, 1921 Roy CampanellaSports Figure
November 19, 1938Ted Turner Celebrity
November 19, 1962Jody FosterActress
November 20, 1916Judy CanovaActress
November 20, 1956Bo DerekSex Symbol
November 21, 1694Votaire Writer
November 21, 1938Marlow ThomasActress
November 21, 1946Goldie HawnActress
November 22, 1819George EliotWriter
November 22, 1890Charles De GaulleStatesman
November 22, 1869 Andre GideWriter
November 22, 1924Geraldyne PageActress
November 22, 1921Rodney DangerfieldComedian
November 22, 1943Billie Jean KingTennis Star
November 22, 1958Jamie Lee CurtisActress