zodiac signs sagittarius

Zodiac Signs Sagittarius

Element: Fire
23 November- 21 December

The shooter is constantly on the move, whether in fact or figuratively to new life designs. He loves his freedom and keeps moving, for example as an athlete. Sagittarius are appealing by their dynamism, they like acting as entertainers, they are lively and adventurous. This liveliness can be expressed in attachment anxiety. The shooter likes to change his residence, he also tends to exaggerate. It never gets boring with him.

What awaits the Sagittaarius sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Sagittarius in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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The Sagittarius, often discussed as an egoist, does not hesitate to underestimate the other person. It is quite normal that you do not feel something against a Sagittarius man or woman if you do not really know it. After a long communication and familiarization process, it will be to your advantage. After a certain time you can understand that what is called the ego is due to the self-confidence of the spring sign itself.
In some people, the ego, which is based on the narcissistic level, may be too intense to call the lion. But it differs between personalities. In some springs, this situation can be seen as more balanced and positive. Curious, open to knowledge and investigative personality, to see new places, to learn new things, one of the fire group is a work according to the pedestrian pedestrian.
The springs, which prefer to be influential in their works, their environment and life in general, also have a highly sociable structure. Thanks to their self-confidence, they can get rid of their hands in a flying flight. Sagittarius who likes being a leader and focusing on managing events cannot easily agree with people like him. They want people who can manage them all around them and the sincerity they build with their friends takes shape accordingly. In terms of appearance and clothing, we can say that it is more like and adopts more unique styles and styles. Well it’s exactly different according to the springs.

General Features of Sagittarius

Ruling PlanetJupiter
Group Mutable
ColourTurqoise, purple
StrengthsGenerous, idealistic, great sense of humor
WeaknessesPromises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic
FlowerCarnations & crocuses
Quality Courage, sincerity
Corresponding Body Parts Thigh, liver
Top Love MatchesAries

Who is Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is a masculine sign that belongs to the fire group of those born between 22 November and 21 December. The ruler planet is Jupiter.

What are the lucky points of Sagittarius?

The auspicious stone of Sagittarius is the topaz stone. Lucky day Thursday; auspicious flowers are lilac, purple violet, carnation and red rose. The colors that are good for the energies of the people with this moving sign are calm colors such as purple and purple.

How is Sagittarius?

He’s a total freedom lover. You can have a serious relationship, you can even get married, but you can’t restrict it. If he does not like this situation and is connected to someone and so to speak, it is hard for the housewife to become. But you can have a good life partner, spend nice times together. Of course you can’t expect to be connected to you. It is independent and free. He likes to travel, have fun and live life. It takes pleasure in making new friends, seeing new places and pushing boundaries. It is very difficult to keep up with its speed, but we are sure to have a great time.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous sagittarius

November 23, 1893 Harpo Marx Actor
November 23, 1927Otis ChandlerPublisher
November 23, 1926Sri Athya Sai Baba Guru
November 24, 1864Toulouse-LautrecArtist
November 24, 1897Lucky Luciano Gangster
November 24, 1917Howard DuffActor
November 24, 1921John LindsayMayor
November 24, 1925William F. BuckleyPublisher
November 24, 1929George MosconePolitician
November 25, 1835Andrew CarnegieIndustrialist
November 25, 1844Carl Benz Engineer
November 25, 1846Carry NationActivist
November 25, 1947John LarroquetteActor
November 25, 1960John F. Kennedy Jr.President's son
November 25, 1960Amy GrantSinger
November 26, 1931Robert GouletSinger
November 26, 1938Rich LittleEntertainer
November 26, 1938Tina Turner Singer
November 27, 1503Agnolo di CosimiArtist
November 27, 1940Bruce Lee Martial Arts
November 27, 1942 Jimi HendrixMusician
November 28, 1757William BlakeArtist
November 28, 1820Friedrich EnglesMarxist
November 28,1887Earnst RoehmNazi
November 28, 1829A. RubensteinConductor
November 28, 1907Alberto MoraviaWriter
November 29, 1832Louisa M. Alcott Writer
November 30, 1835Mark TwainWriter
November 30, 1874Winston ChurchillStatesman
November 30, 1932Robert GuillaumeActor
November 30, 1926Richard CrennaActor
November 30, 1929Dick ClarkEntertainer
November 30, 1930G. Gordon LiddyCelebrity
November 30, 1955Billy Idol Musician
December 1, 1913Mary Martin Actress
December 1, 1939Lee Trevino Sports Figure
December 1, 1935Woody AllenProducer
December 1, 1945Bette MidlerActress
December 1, 1960Carol AltModel
December 2, 1859Georges Seurat Artist
December 2, 1915 Randolph HearstPublisher
December 2, 1924Alexander HaigStatesman
December 2, 1945 Charles Watson Criminal
December 2, 1948Cathy Lee CrosbySinger
December 2, 1958Randy GardenerSkater
December 3, 1542Akbar the GreatMonarch
December 3, 1875Maria Rilke Poet
December 3, 1857Joseph ConradWriter
December 3, 1923Maria CallasSinger
December 3, 1931Jaye P. MorganSinger
December 3, 1939Terry Cole-WhittakerMinister
December 3, 1965 Katarina WittSports Figure
December 4, 1632Baruch SpinozaPhilosopher
December 4, 1795 Thomas Carlyle Writer
December 4, 1865 Edith CavellNurse
December 4, 1866Wassily KandinskyArtist
December 4, 1892Francisco FrancoDictator
December 4, 1922Deanna DurbinActress
December 5, 1902Strom Therman Politician
December 5, 1922 Benjamine Creme Occultist
December 5, 1942Robert Hand Astrologer
December 6, 1941Richard SpeckCriminal
December 7, 1915 Eli WallachActor
December 7, 1932Ellen Burstyn Actress
December 7, 1942Harry ChapinMusician
December 7, 1956Larry Bird Basketball Star
December 8, 1765Eli Whitney Inventor
December 8, 1865Jan SibeliusComposer
December 8, 1886Diego Rivera Artist
December 8, 1894James Thurber Writer
December 8, 1925Sammy Davis, Jr.Entertainer
December 8, 1933Flip WilsonComedian
December 8, 1936David Carradine Actor
December 8, 1939 James GallwayMusician
December 8, 1944Jim MorrisonMusician
December 8, 1947Gregg AllmanMusician
December 8, 1953Kim BasingerActress
December 8, 1967 Sinead O'Connor Singer
December 9, 1916 Kirk Douglas Actor
December 9, 1958Donny Osmond Singer
December 10, 1815Ada ByronMathematics
December 10, 1830 Emily DickensonPoet
December 10, 1952Susan DeyActress
December 10, 1957Mahara Ji Guru
December 11, 1810Alfred de MussetWriter
December 11, 1843Robert KochBacteriologist
December 11, 1882 F. LaguardiaPolitician
December 11, 1912Carlo PontiProducer
December 11, 1918 A. SolzhenitsynWriter
December 11, 1931 Rita MorenoActress
December 11, 1939Tom HeydenActivist
December 11, 1950Terri GarrActress
December 11, 1950Christina OnassisHeiress
December 12, 1867Isabelle PaganAstrologer
December 12, 1882Elbert BenjamineAstrologer
December 12, 1893Edward G. RobinsonActor
December 12, 1924Ed KochPolitician
December 12, 1928Helen FrankenthalerArtist
December 13, 1821Gustave FlaubertWriter
December 13, 1897Drew PearsonJournalist
December 13, 1923Edmund Van DusenWriter
December 13, 1925Dick Van DykeActor
December 13, 1941John DavidsonActor
December 14, 1896James Doolittle Miliatary
December 14, 1897Margaret C. SmithPolitician
December 14, 1935Lee RemickActress
December 14, 1946Patty DukeActress
December 15, 1892Paul Getty Industrialist
December 15, 1933Tim ConwayActor
December 15, 1949Don JohnsonActor
December 16, 1770L.V. BeethovanComposer
December 16, 1775 Jane AustinWriter
December 16, 1901 Margaret MeadAnthopologist
December 16, 1917Authur ClarkeWriter
December 16, 1939Liv UllmannActress
December 17, 1903Erskine CaldwellWriter
December 18, 1879Paul KleeArtist
December 18, 1880 Earl C. AnthonyEntrepreneur
December 18, 1886Ty Cobb Baseball Star
December 18, 1913Willie BrandtChancellor
December 18, 1947 Adrienne Hirt Sex Therapist
December 18, 1908Andrew JohnsonPresident US
December 18, 1943Keith Richards Rolling Stone
December 18, 1946Steven Spielberg Filmmaker
December 19, 1910Jean Genet Writer
December 19, 1919John CandiesChild Prodigy
December 19, 1608 John MiltonWriter
December 19, 1946 Robert UrichActor