zodiac signs pisces

Zodiac Signs Pisces

Element: Water
Date: 20 February- 20 March

Change, dissolution, re-creation: The fish is on the move. Often unfathomable and withdrawn, but depending on the ascendant also very lively and outgoing. Pisces-born are creative life-artists, who quickly fail because of their sensitivity if they do not feel safe. Emotionally lively, yet compassionate, dreamy, religiously interested, imaginative and compassionate, they need a strong, earthbound partner.

What awaits the Pisces sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Pisces in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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Their superior patience, hand-openness and sensibility make them stand out for their fish signs, which are conscientious, honest and gentle. Pisces are mostly affected by external influences, and are generally known for being emotional. They have an enhanced ability to empathize. Pisces signs can immediately understand and establish a bond. Pisces, which are in a very emotional and understanding manner, are often abused in good faith. Strong feelings, intuition and humanistic approach can be self-evident everywhere with the interest of the art of fish is quite high.
They don’t value anything but peace for a lifetime. They can give up everything in the face of people or events they are peaceful. The fishes, whose loyalty to their loved ones is rising, want the people who understand the naive and the love in their lives. It is known for its cheerful and energetic structure, but it is instantaneous. Ten minutes ago a fish that emitted emotional storms, all of a sudden, would stifle laughter. For these people, who often take shape according to emotions, although they are often called dreamers, they are actually realistic.

General Features of Pisces

Ruling PlanetJupiter and Neptune
Element Water
ColourWater green
StrengthsCompassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical
WeaknessesFearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr
QualitiesCoherence, belligerence
Corresponding Body Parts Feet
Top Love Matches Virgo

Who is Pisces?

Fish (20 February – 20 March)

Pisces is a feminine bastion belonging to the Water group owned by the people born between 20 February and 20 March. The planets are Jupiter and Neptune.

What are the lucky points of Pisces?

The auspicious stone of Pisces is the moonstone. Lucky day Thursday; The auspicious flowers are pearls, lilies and daisies. The color that will be good for the energies of the people who have this delicate sign is the color of white.

What are the bad features of Pisces?

Fishes, which are underestimating the worst traits themselves, can normally experience frustration, as the events often develop, as they often prefer to be donors.

How is the Pisces Man?

Pisces is a highly sensitive person. Fish men, who cannot identify themselves in certain patterns, have mysterious and complex aspects. Mostly poetry, music prone, romantic people.

How is the Pisces woman?

They can have impressive beauty. Their meaningful gaze is deep and impressive. They pay special attention to their appearance and care. They have delicate and feisty structures, but they are beautiful enough to be able to stand out from the hardships under all circumstances. Live the moment.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous pisces

February 20, 1927Sidney PoitierActor
February 20, 1946Sandy DuncanActress
February 20, 1949Ivana TrumpCelebrity
February 20, 1949Jennifer O'NeillActress
February 20, 1954Patty HearstCelebrity
February 21, 1903Anais NinWriter
February 21, 1907W.H. AudenWriter
February 21, 1921Sam PeckinpahDirector
February 22, 1788A. SchopenhauerWriter
February 22, 1857Sir. R. B. PowellMilitary
February 22, 1932Edward KennedySenator
February 23, 1926Shelly BermanComedian
February 23, 1938Sylvia ChaseNews Reporter
February 23, 1940Peter FondaActor
February 24, 1943George Harrison Beatle
February 25, 1841Pierre Renoir Artist
February 25, 1888John F. Dulles Sec. of State
February 25, 1894Shri Baba MeherGuru
February 25, 1904Adelle DavisNutritionist
February 25, 1913Jim BackusComedian
February 26, 1808 H. DaumierArtist
February 26, 1842Cam. FlammarionAstronomer
February 26, 1916Jackie GleasonComedian
February 26, 1846Buffalo Bill CodyHistorical Figure
February 26, 1932Johnny CashSinger
February 26, 1928Fats DominoSinger
February 27, 1861Rudolph SteinerOccultist
February 27, 1910 Joan BennettActress
February 27, 1930Joanne WoodwardActress
February 27, 1932Elizabeth Taylor Actress
February 27, 1980Chelsea ClintonPresident's Daughter
February 28, 1890Vaslav NijinskyDancer
February 28, 1948Bernadette Peters Comedian
March 1, 1927Harry Belafonte Singer
March 1, 1935Robert ConradActor
March 1, 1945Roger DaltreyMusician
March 1, 1947Alan ThickeComedian
March 1, 1954 Ron Howard Director
March 2, 1904Dr. Suess Children's Writer
March 2, 1931Tom Wolfe Writer
March 2, 1952Loraine NewmanComedienne
March 2, 1962Jon Bon JoviMusician
March 3, 1903Alexander G. BellInventor
March 5, 1908 Rex HarrisonActor
March 6, 1927Leroy Goroen CooperAstronaut
March 6, 1936Marion BarryPolitician
March 6, 1945Rob ReinerDirector
March 7, 1872 Piet MondrianArtist
March 7, 1930 A. Armstrong-JonesPhotographer
March 7, 1940 Daniel TravantiActor
March 8, 1841 Oliver W. HolmesWriter
March 8, 1922 Cyd CharisseDancer
March 8, 1943 Lynn RedgraveActress
March 9, 1934 Yuri GargarinAstronaut
March 9, 1936Glenda JacksonActress
March 9, 1940 Raul Julia Actor
March 9, 1943Bobby Fischer Chess Champ
March 11, 1903Lawrence WelkBandleader
March 11, 1931Rupert MurdochPublisher
March 11, 1934Sam Donaldson Newscaster
March 12, 1922 Jack KerouacWriter
March 12, 1932Andrew YoungAmbassor
March 12, 1936Liza MinnelliSinger
March 12, 1948James Taylor Singer
March 13, 1855Percival Lowell Astronomer
March 13, 1963Vance JohnsonFootball Player
March 14, 1933Michael CaineActor
March 14, 1879Albert Einstein Scientist
March 14, 1947 Billy Crystal Comedian
March 15, 1475MichaelangeloArtist
March 15, 1933Ruth Bader GinsburgSupreme Court
March 15, 1935 Judd HirschActor
March 15, 1935Jimmy SwaggartReligious Figure
March 15, 1947Fredrico PenaPolitician
March 16, 1912Pat NixonFirst Lady
March 16, 1930Herbie MannMusician
March 16, 1936 Jerry LewisComedian
March 17, 1938Rudolf NureyevDancer
March 17, 1919Nat King ColeSinger
March 17, 1951 Kurt RussellActor
March 17, 1964Rob LoweActor
March 18, 1932John UpdikeWriter
March 18, 1936Peter Graves Actor
March 18, 1962Vanessa WilliamsSinger
March 19, 1821Sir Richard BurtonExplorer
March 19, 1933 Philip RothWriter
March 19, 1936Usular AndressActress
March 19, 1947Glenn Close Actress
March 19, 1955Bruce WillisActor
March 20, 1922Carl Reiner Comedian
March 20, 1928Fred RogersKid Show
March 20, 1950William HurtActor
March 20, 1957Spike Lee Director
March 20, 1958 Holly HunterActress