zodiac signs libra

Zodiac Signs Libra

Element: Air
Date: 24 September- 23 October

Balance and balance are, of course, the stated goals of the Libra-born. Harmony is important to scales, and so they remain clear, sympathetic and unsettled as artistic personalities through escapist outbursts. Enjoying life and love and accepting it as a gift, while remaining with oneself and nobody at a disadvantage are the great tasks of the Libra. Every now and then a Libra needs encouragement and admiration.

What awaits the Libra sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Libra in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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The most important feature of the scales, which are mostly known with luxury and beauty obsession, is that they have a balanced personality structure. They strive to prioritize balance in their personal life and in their bilateral human relations. Trying to squeeze a scale into one corner is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. Balanced and beautiful friendship relationships can establish scales, enter into the foreground in almost all environments and become successful. The male of Libra is a little more flirtatious than her. They love to show interest, can be easily understood from their behavior.
But when love comes into the business, they can love it quite nicely. Scales, which give importance to cleaning, personal care and external appearance, expect the same courtesy from the other side. A little gaudy and pretentious scales like the scales. The last thing that will be missing from the life of the scales is love. Their interest in culture and art makes them more elegant among other people. The respectful and master postures of the scales are the best way to influence the counterpart in the double human relations.

General Features of Libra

Ruling PlanetVenus
StrengthsCooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social
WeaknessesIndecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity
QualityCuriosity, sociability
Corresponding Body Parts Kidneys, bladder, prostate
Top love matchesGemini

Who is Libra?

Libra is a masculine sign that belongs to the air group of those born between September 23 and October 22. Venus is the ruling planet.

Behind its harmonious and rather calm personality, it has a very dominant structure. She loves art and the things she loves give her peace. If he enjoys something, he never hesitates to spend for him. He gives importance to the equilibrium in the relationship and waits for the same subtlety from the opposite side.

What are the lucky points of Libra?

The lucky stones of Libra are opal and pink quartz. Uğurlu day Friday; The auspicious flowers are chrysanthemums, white roses and yellow daisies. The colors that are good for the energies of the people who have this balanced sign are soft-toned pastel colors.

What is Libra?

It stands out in all its environments with its stance, elegance and beauty. He is quite patient and intelligent. The fight is not for the Libra woman. It is a harmonious association choice. Although not as much as a spike, it has a hidden perfectionist aspect.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous libra

September 23, 1920 Mickey RooneyActor
September 23, 1943Julio InglesiasSinger
September 24, 1896F.Scott Fitsgerald Writer
September 24, 1942Linda McCartneyPaul's Wife
September 25, 1897William FaulknerWriter
September 25, 1906Dimitri ShotakovichComposer
September 25, 1931 Barbara WaltersInterviewer
September 25, 1932Juliet ProwseDancer
September 25, 1944Michael DouglasActor
September 25, 1952Christopher ReeveActor
September 26, 1888T.S. ElliotPoet
September 26, 1898George GershwinComposer
September 26, 1924Marcello MastroianiActor
September 26, 1948Olivia Newton JohnSinger
September 26, 1956 Linda HamiltonActress
September 27, 1920William ConradWriter
September 27, 1933 Greg MorrisActor
September 27, 1947Cheryl TiegsModel
September 27, 1958Shaun CassidySinger
September 28, 1902 Ed SulllivanTV Host
September 28, 1909Al CappCartoonist
September 28, 1916Peter FinchActor
September 28, 1933Sylvia KarsSex therapist
September 28, 1934Bridgette BardotActress
September 28, 1967Moon ZappaCelebrity
September 29, 1901Enrico FermiScientist
September 29, 1907Gene AutrySinger
September 29, 1908Greer GarsonActress
September 29, 1942Madeline KahnActress
September 29, 1943Lech WalesaActivist
September 29, 1935Jerry Lee LewisSinger
September 29, 1948Bryant GumbelTV Host
September 30, 1921Deborah KerrActress
September 30, 1924Truman CopoteWriter
September 30, 1929Robert DuvalActor
October 1, 1847Annie BesantOccultist
October 1, 1888 Mark E. JonesAstrologer
October 1, 1920Walter MathhauActor
October 1, 1921James WhitmoreActor
October 1, 1924James Earl CarterPresident US
October 1, 1928George PeppardActor
October 1, 1930Richard HarrisActor
October 1, 1935Julie AndrewsActress
October 1, 1941 Randy QuaidActor
October 2, 1890Groucho MarxComedian
October 2, 1869Mahatma GandhiPacifist
October 2, 1906Willie LeyScience Writer
October 2, 1938Rex ReedJournalist
October 2, 1951Sting Musician
October 3, 1900Thomas Wolf Writer
October 3, 1909 Chuby CheckerSinger
October 3, 1925Gore VidalWriter
October 4, 1814Jean F. MilletArtist
October 4, 1822 Rutherford HayesPresident US
October 4, 1923Charlton HestonActor
October 4, 1946Susan SarandonActor
October 5, 1923 Philip BerriganActivist
October 5, 1925Richard GordonAstronaut
October 5, 1951Bob GeldolfOrganizer
October 6, 1908 Carol LombardActress
October 6, 1820 Jenny LindSinger
October 6, 1887Le Corbusier Architect
October 6, 1906Janet GainerActress
October 7, 1849 James W. RileyPoet
October 7, 1885Neils BohrPhysicist
October 7, 1900Heinrich HimmlerNazi
October 7, 1917June AllysonActress
October 7, 1927 R.D. LaingPsychologist
October 7, 1931Desmond TutuStatesman
October 7, 1943Oliver North Celebrity
October 7, 1951John MellencampSinger
October 8, 1890 Eddie RickenbackerMilitary
October 8, 1985Juan PeronPresident
October 8, 1941Jesse JacksonActivist
October 8, 1936 Rona BarretColumnist
October 8, 1949Sigouney WeaverActress
October 9, 1835Camille St.SaensComposer
October 9, 1890Aimee S. McPherson Religious Leader
October 9, 1911Charles JayneAstrologer
October 9, 1940John LennonBeatle
October 10, 1813Guiseppe Verdi Composer
October 10, 1900Helen HayesActress
October 10, 1924James ClavellWriter
October 10, 1954 James EshelmanAstrologer
October 10, 1955 David Lee RothMusician
October 11, 1884Eleanor RooseveltFirst Lady
October 12, 1875Aleister CrowleyOccultist
October 12, 1932Dick GregoryComedian
October 12, 1935Luciano PavarottiSinger
October 13, 1853 Lillie LangtryActress
October 13, 1921Yves Montand Actor
October 13, 1925Lenny Bruce Comedian
October 13, 1925Margaret ThacherPrime Minister
October 13, 1956Judy BlumbergSkater
October 14, 1888Katherine MansfieldWriter
October 14, 1890Dwight EisenhowerPresident US
October 14, 1896 Lillian GishActress
October 14, 1894E.E. Cummings Poet
October 14, 1916C. Everett KoopPhysician General
October 14, 1928Roger MooreActor
October 14, 1938John DeanAttorney
October 15, 1917Arthur SchlesingerWriter
October 15, 1959Sarah FergusonRoyalty
October 15, 1844Friedrich NietzscheWriter
October 15, 1924Lee A. Iacocca Corporate Figure
October 15, 1943Penny MarshallActress
October 16, 1854Oscar WildeWriter
October 16, 1886David Ben-GurionPolitical Leader
October 16, 1888 Eugene O'NeillWriter
October 16, 1923Linda Darnell Actress
October 16, 1925Angela LansburyActress
October 16, 1939 Batya StarkAstrologer
October 16, 1946Suzanne SomersActress
October 17, 1915 Arthur MillerWriter
October 17, 1918Susan HayworthActress
October 17, 1920Montgomery CliftActor
October 17, 1931Jimmy BreslinPolitician
October 17, 1932Paul Anderson Weight Lifter
October 17, 1938Evel KnievelDare Devil
October 17, 1949Margot KidderActress
October 18, 1922Jess HelmsPolitician
October 18, 1927George C. Scott Actor
October 18, 1960J.C. Van DammActor
October 18, 1956Martina NvratilovaSports Figure
October 19, 1912John ProfumoScandal
October 19, 1922 Jack AndersonJournalist
October 19, 1931John Lecarre Writer
October 19, 1932Robert ReedActor
October 19, 1945John LithgowActor
October 20, 1854Arthur RimbaudPoet
October 20, 1882Bela Lugosi Actor
October 20, 1859John DeweyEducator
October 20, 1926 Art Buchwald Columnist
October 20, 1936Bobby SealeActivist
October 21, 1833Alfred NobelChemist
October 21, 1952Patti ReganPresident’s daughter
October 21, 1956 Carrie Fisher Actress
October 22, 1811Franz LisztComposer
October 22, 1905Constance Bennett Actress
October 22, 1917Margot FontaineDancer
October 22, 1922Timothy LearyProfessor
October 22, 1942Annette FunicelloMouseketeer
October 22, 1937Tommy Lasorda Sports Figure
October 22, 1952Pattie DavisCelebrity
October 22, 1952Jeff GoldblumActor
October 23,1844Sarah BernhardtActress
October 23,1894Charles AtlasBody Builder
October 23, 1925Johnny Carson TV Host