zodiac signs leo

Zodiac Signs Leo

Element: Fire
Date: 23 July- 23 August

Dignified and at the top, at the same time lovingly and gladly relaxed and lazy, the lion brings along the qualities of its namesake. Charming and generous, lions like to share their confidence and warmth with others. However, your healthy self-confidence can also be a stumbling block in dealing with others. To compensate for his will to power the lion is well advised with a balancing, stable character.

What awaits the Leo sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Leo in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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Being a leader is planning, organizing and realizing and managing the Leo signs. His creativity and interest in the subject matter of his work, the success of the business situation is aimed at success. Lions, known as very generous, always keep their eyes high. They target the best of the best. Most of the time, extreme egos and insanlar I know ’behaviors are very disturbing. However, the lions ignore such situations and move forward with firm steps towards what they aim. In some cases, the lions, who rarely make concessions on themselves, are positive about the bilateral relations and the social environment and are able to establish themselves.

General Features of Leo

Ruling PlanetSun
Strengths creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Weaknesses arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible
FlowerSunflower & marigold
QualitiesGenerosity, passion
Corresponding Body Parts Heart, eyes, arteries
Top Love Matches Libra

Who is Leo?

Leo (23 July- 22 August)

Leo is a masculine sign of the fire group of those born between July 23 and August 22. The ruler planet is Sun.

What are the lucky points of Leo?

The lucky stone of Leo is yellow sapphire. Auspicious day market; auspicious flowers are yellow chrysanthemums, and chrysanthemums. The colors that are good for the energies of the people who have the admiration of the show are the colors like flashy yellow, golden, orange and amber like themselves.

How is the Leo male?

They love to be praised and praised. Repeatedly repeating and glorifying that he is quite charismatic and handsome will make you pecker and happy. Due to its protective nature can be a good friend.

How is Leo the woman?

Dress up and dress up gracefully? The lion woman! It attracts attention with its jewelery, clothing and hair in every environment it enters. Even when he goes to the grocery store, he can walk away with the podium and still get his attention. Any way to break the guru of the lion woman, it will be your end.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous leo

July 23, 1834James GibbonsEcclesiatic
July 24, 1895 Robert GravesWriter
July 24, 1897Amelia EarhartPilot
July 24, 1900Zelda FitzgeraldJazz Age Figure
July 24, 1902Alexandre DumasWriter
July 25, 1853David BelascoProducer
July 25, 1887Florence EntwhistlePhotographer
July 26, 1856George B. ShawWriter
July 26, 1875 Karl G. JungPsychiatrist
July 26, 1885Andre MauroisWriter
July 26, 1894Aldous HuxleyWriter
July 26, 1903Estes KefauverPolitician
July 26, 1943Mick JaggerMusician
July 26, 1956Dorothy HamillSports Figure
July 26, 1940Mary Jo KopechneFatality
July 27, 1723Joshua ReynoldsArtist
July 27, 1906Leo DurocherSports Figure
July 27, 1948Peggie FlemingSkater
July 28, 1635Robert HookeScientist
July 28, 1878Guy BallardReligious Leader
July 28, 1929Jacqueline KennedyFirst Lady
July 28, 1948Sally StruthersActress
July 28, 1949Vida BlueBaseball Star
July 29, 1905Clara BowActress
July 29, 1905Dag HammarskjoldStatesman
July 29, 1907Mevin BelliAttorney
July 29, 1924Robert HortonActor
July 29, 1934Stanton FriedmanPhysicist
July 29, 1938Benito MussoliniDictator
July 29, 1949Marilyn QuayleV.P. Wife
July 29, 1928Peter Jennings Newscaster
July 30, 1818Emily BronteWriter
July 30, 1863Henry FordIndustrialist
July 30, 1930Joan NegasAstrologer
July 30, 1947A. SchwarzenneggerActor
July 30, 1956Anita HillCelebrity
July 30, 1956Delta BurkeActress
July 31, 1931Milton FreemanEconomist
July 31, 1946Wesley SnipesActor
August 1, 1779Frances Scott KeyAttorney/Songwriter
August 1, 1819Herman MelvilleWriter
August 1, 1866Claude BragdenArchitect
August 1, 1933Dom DeluiseActor
August 1, 1936Yves St. LaurentDesigner
August 1, 1942Jerry GarciaMusician
August 2, 1832Henry S. OlcottTheosophist
August 2, 1905Myrna LoyActress
August 2, 1921Ira ProgoffPsychologist
August 2, 1924Carroll O'ConnorActor
August 14, 1944Robyn SmithJockey
August 14, 1946Susan Saint JamesActress
August 14, 1969Magic JohnsonSports Figure
August 15, 1769NapoleonEmperor
August 15, 1872Sri AurobindoReligious Leader
August 15, 1879Ethel BarrymoreActress
August 15, 1885 Edna FerberWriter
August 15, 1892Louis de BrogliePhysicist
August 15, 1913Menachem BeginPrime Minister
August 15, 1950Princess AnneRoyalty
August 15, 1923Rose Marie GuyComedienne
August 15, 1944Linda EllerbeeNewscaster
August 16, 1888T.E. LawrenceAdventurer
August 16, 1928Ann BlythActress
August 16, 1930Frank GiffordSports Figure
August 16, 1946Leslie Ann WarrenActress
August 16, 1953Kathie Lee GiffordTV Personality
August 16, 1960Timothy HuttonActor
August 17, 1786Davey CrockettFrontiersman
August 17, 1876George LlewellynAstrologer
August 17, 1943Robert De NiroActor
August 18, 1834Marshall FieldsEntrepreneur
August 18, 1917Casper WeinbergerPolitician
August 18, 1922Shelley WintersActress
August 18, 1927Rosalyn CarterFirst Lady
August 18, 1933Roman Polanski Director
August 18, 1936 Robert RedfordActor
August 18, 1952Elayne BooslerComedienne
August 18, 1952Patrick SwayzeActor
August 18, 1969Christian Slater Actor
August 19, 1743Mme. Du BarryCourtesan
August 19, 1870Bernard BaruchEntrepreneur
August 19, 1882Cocoa ChanelDesigner
August 19, 1902Ogden NashPoet
August 19, 1924Phylis SchlaflyCelebrity
August 19, 1931Willy ShoemakerJockey
August 19, 1940Jill Saint JohnActress
August 19, 1946Bill ClintonPresident, USA
August 19, 1948Tipper GoreV.P. Wife
August 20, 1930Mario BernardiConductor
August 20, 1946Conning Chung Newscaster
August 21, 1906Count Basie Musician
August 22, 1904Deng XiaopingPolitical Figure
August 21, 1936Wilt ChamberlainSports Figure
August 21, 1938Kenny RodgersSinger
August 21, 1950Arthur BremerCriminal
August 21, 1962Mathew BroderickActor