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Zodiac Signs Water Element


Cancer: 22 June – 22 July
Scorpio: 23 October – 21 November
Pisces: February 19 – March 20
If your Sun sign is Cancer and Scorpio is Pisces, you have one of the water group signs. The general characteristic of the water group bushes is that they can be innocent from time to time, like the water element, which is named after it. They manage emotions in the universe, but they do not prefer to show their passion and emotional ups and downs to the outside world. In spite of their social structure, they may choose to return from time to time. Emotional, romantic and hypersensitive structures can make them jealous, feisty and sly. In general, they do not like to share their loved ones with the outside world because they believe that they can maintain intense and strong feelings in their relations. Their intuitions and predictions are very strong. Social responsibility consciousness, sacrifice and empathy feature are the most advanced signs of the water group. In a nutshell, these signs have a structure that purifies and calms the soul like water.
Water can be found in many ways. It may be liquid, steam, gas or frozen. A small water bubble can be as innocent or as wild as a bubbly wave in the ocean.
Even if the essence of the ambushes inside the water signs, which feel very deeply, do not make much of anything out there. They say calm waters are deep. Water signs are silent when they try to understand and solve something. It will be in time to recognize and understand them. They open themselves slowly.
Water signs carefully and intensely trying to protect their emotions. When they fall in love with all their hearts and they are very connected. They are emotional, romantic and very sensitive. Their intuition is very powerful and they make sense from your facial expression, your tone of voice, your body language rather than what you say. This feature is very developed in Pisces. Water cleans and keeps life going. Water is the universal solvent, it solves the matter and takes its properties. Tell your waterman about your problem, take on your own problem. He listens to you carefully, feels your emotions, becomes spiritual support and gives good advice.
They take the troubles of others as if they were their problems, and they are frustrated by the ongoing sacrifices. Therefore, they need to recover from time to time.
The water group manages the soul. Water does not like limitation, imagination is very developed and very creative. They create inspiration from pictures, music, photography, literature, and dance. They enjoy working in creativity, small businesses, workshops or in their own business.
They can be very successful in finance with their sharp intuitions. Water signs are more successful in close relations.
Cancer, the group of water with the characteristics of his family and nest reveals. Nurtures enlarge and protect his family. The smallest unit that makes societies is the family. The most important thing for Cancer, the founding of a good nest, is to share his love with his wife and children.
Scorpio, sexual and monetary relations between people are very interested. Scorpio, the representative of the 8th house in astrology, represents birth, death, and rebirth. This house also represents others’ money. Scorpions are very capable of managing others’ money. They have mysterious structures and they don’t give clues about themselves.
Pisces is the last zodiac sign and has received a feature from all the signs before him. That’s why he gets along well with all the horoscopes. Pisces, other than spiritual values, help other people. While Aquarius generally does something for humanity, Pisces helps one-to-one people. He can sacrifice himself to help others. Pisces is a sacrifice and there is no sacrifice that it cannot do for its relatives.