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Zodiac Signs Earth Element


Taurus: 20 April – 20 May
Virgo: 23 August – 22 September
Capricorn: 22 December – 19 January

If your solar sign is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn you have one of the earth group signs. The general characteristic of the soil group is that it is productive, patient and realistic like the soil element that it is named. These signs form the infrastructure of events around them, shape events, analyze and establish long-term plans. They have a structure that is tied to their traditions, loves stability and does not have sudden excitement. These constellations, which are difficult to adapt but are not easy to get used to, get a volcano that is ready to explode under their quiet structure. Loyal, balanced, and prudent, these signs do not waste their money, time and energy. They may exaggerate punctuality, order, and work from time to time. In general, they are concerned with their health, this interest may evolve from time to time. They are known for substance addiction in the universe. In summary, these bushes, which are responsible and idealistic, achieve success with their strong will and are as efficient as soil.

It forms and builds the earth bushes. They are producers of the zodiac and they carry out events. They dream of themselves or their relatives. They comprehend and do all the stages of a job from drawing, budgeting, work schedule, workflow and on time. They are responsible, committed to their work. Most of their success is due to their practical use and good use of their resources. They are realistic and have improved grip skills. They are extremely punctual and good in timing. They are loyal, patient and balanced. Since they have a conservative, conservative personality, they do not make sudden decisions, they think about their steps. In this way, money, time and energy will not waste. They make long-term plans. They are very ambitious, stable and strong wills and they are very successful.
Taurus indicates the characteristics of the soil group with the things it possesses and with the search for security. The sensitive and substance-prone structure of the Taurus sign makes them very good museum managers. She is interested in collecting and preserving valuable artifacts and works of art.
On the other hand, the soil group features in Başak are devoted to health issues. Many doctors, biologists are from Virgo. Virgo is the manager of the 6th house and manages health, daily affairs, and service. In other words, the Virgo soil group is characterized by research, regularity, punctuality, and diligence. They go down to the finest details of their work and make it perfect. Virgo exits major authors, executives, librarians, accountants. They are perfect for jobs that require order and attention.
The Capricorn signifies soil group characteristics in the hierarchy in the state and in large enterprises. Large firms and the state are aware that there will be great confusion if there is no order. The Capricorn sign understands the chain of command and respects the hierarchy. Therefore, they eventually become competent and respected individuals in large organizations. Capricorn signs are often head of the department in large companies or company executives.