zodiac signs gemini

Zodiac Signs Gemini

Element: Air
Date: 21 May- 20 January

Change, freedom and redefinition are the areas of Gemini. Especially twins like to share, are communicative and express this. Twin personalities travel with passion and talk easily and happily. They are interested in other people and cultures. Cheerful, restless and carefree, they are still reliable. The twin is as much at home in science as in acting. He likes to hide his deep feelings.

What awaits the Gemini sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Gemini in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles..

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What is Gemini? What does the Gemini sign mean? What is the property of the Gemini sign? What are the main characteristics of Gemini? What are the general characteristics of Gemini? What are the physical properties of Gemini? What are the properties of Gemini by birth date? What is the planet of Gemini? What is the element of Gemini? What is the gender of Gemini? What are the lucky colors of Gemini? What are the lucky flowers of Gemini? Who are the celebrities who have twins? What are the superior abilities of Gemini? What are the professions that will succeed Gemini? The answers to such questions can be found in this article.

General Features of Gemini

Rulig PlanetMercury
Strengths gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas
Weaknessesnervous, inconsistent, indecisive
FlowerLavender & Lily of the Valley
QualitiesSpeed, curiosity, loquaciousness
Corresponding Body Parts Lungs, arms, hands
Top Love MatchesAries - Leo

Who is Gemini?

Gemini is one of the 12 horoscope signs. Gemini is a sign that covers the dates between 21st of May and 21st of June. The zodiac symbol Gemini. The element of Gemini is air. The effective planet of Gemini is Mercury.

Meaning and Feature of Gemini Sign

Gemini is the point of view of Gemini is of course the symbol of Gemini. Although the twins are known as double characters and unstable, they have the ability to look at events and facts in many ways. This causes them to be different and different from other people and to reach different results by evaluating the events from different perspectives. The point of view of the events in these two aspects gives the Gemini signs a stable stance that stands firmly on the ground. That is why it is told with a figure sitting on the floor so firm.

Key Features of Gemini

The ruler planet of Gemini is the Mercury and it is representative of intelligence and vitality. The sex of Gemini is male. Wit is the superior ability. The most important feature of Gemini, who likes to keep a good relationship with people, is to help and create joy. The goal of Gemini is to make big names and become famous. Gemini always complains about many speeches.

Chances of Gemini

The lucky day of Gemini is Wednesday. Lucky numbers of Gemini; 3, 5, 24, 233, 3545. The lucky stone of Gemini is the pearl of Gemini. Lucky colors of Gemini; yellow, gray and blue. Gemini is the lucky flower of daisies. Lucky smells are hyacinth and jasmine.

Physical Properties of Gemini

They have a nice physique. They have long length, shaped body, long arms and legs, dark auburn hair, brown eyes. His eyes are sharp and they see very well.

General Features of Gemini

The sun has given much intelligence to Gemini. Gemini is considered to be non-stop. The feature of the air group is variable and unpredictable. Gemini has an inconsistent structure. The wisdom taken by the effect of sun makes Gemini an equal, vivid and solid character.

The work of a family with a Gemini is difficult. Because twins need to give unlimited freedom to sign the ideal environment. Maybe this could end his unceasing wishes. Gemini’s ability to persuade is very high. Gemini’s male or female likes to take risks and seek innovations.

Gemini has great pleasure in speed based on skill. Gemini loves to do sports. Gemini usually adrenalin high, sudden response to the sport that keeps the branches from other sports. They love to be trapped in danger.

Properties of Gemini According to Birthdays

  • May 21: Determined
  • May 22: Worker
  • May 23: The experimenter
  • May 24: Enthusiastic
  • May 25: Conscientious
  • May 26: No measure
  • May 27: The Struggle
  • May 28: Willpower
  • May 29: Defensive
  • May 30: Serious
  • May 31: Funny
  • June 1: Humanitarian
  • June 2: Traditionalist
  • June 3: Holy
  • June 4: Social
  • June 5: Politics
  • June 6: Eye open
  • June 7: No measure
  • June 8: Conscientious
  • June 9: Enthusiastic
  • June 10: The experimenter
  • June 11: Worker
  • June 12: Determined
  • June 13: Durable
  • June 14: Idealist
  • June 15: Dignified
  • June 16: Stubborn
  • June 17: Uncompromising
  • June 18: Observer
  • June 19: Innocent
  • June 20: Launcher
  • June 21: Trusted

Successful Jobs in Gemini

Broker, banker, judge, lawyer, diplomat, literature, writer, jewelery, inspector, journalism, radio presenter, computer specialist.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous Gemini

June 15, 1988İsmet Yıldıran ÇINAR Professional SEO Expert
May 22, 1859Sir Author Conan DoyleWriter
May 22, 1896Cyril FaginAstrologer
May 22, 1907Sir Lawrence OliverActor
May 22, 1928Marcia MooreAstrologer
May 23, 1733Franz MesmerHypnotist
May 23, 1928Rosemary ClooneySinger
May 23, 1933Joan CollinsActress
May 23, 1940Rennie DavisActivist
May 23, 1945Lauren ChapinChild Actress
May 24, 1819Queen VictoriaBr. Royality
May 24, 1864George W. CarverBotanist
May 24, 1941Bob DylanSinger
May 24, 1944Patti LabelleSinger
May 24, 1955Roseanne CashSinger
May 25, 1567Claudio MonteverdiComposer
May 25, 1803Ralph Waldo EmersonWriter
May 25, 1899Gene TunneyPugilist
May 25, 1898Bennet CerfWriter
May 26, 1867Queen MaryEngland Royalty
May 26, 1920Peggie LeeSinger
May 26, 1948Stevie NicksSinger
May 26, 1923James ArnessActor
May 27, 1878Isadora DuncanDancer
May 27, 1907Rachel CarsonScientist/Activist
May 27, 1911Hubert HumphreyPolitician
May 27, 1911Vincent PriceActor
May 27, 1922Christopher LeeActor
May 27, 1923Henry KissingerStatesman
May 27, 1937Louis Gossett, JrActor
May 28, 1908Ian FlemmingWriter
May 28, 1934The Dionne quintupletsFamous Children
May 28, 1944Gladys KnightSinger
May 28, 1947Sondra LockeActress
May 29, 1903Bobe HopeComdian
May 29, 1917John F. KennedyAmerican President
May 29, 1958Annette BenningActress
May 30, 1474Albrecht DurerArtist
May 30, 1908Mel BlancCartoon Voices
May 30, 1964Wynona JuddSinger
May 31, 1898Norman Vincent PealeClergyman
May 31, 1923Prince Rainier IIIRoyalty
May 31, 1930Clint EastwoodActor
May 31, 1943Joe NamathSports Figure
May 31, 1950Gregory HarrisonActor
June 1, 1801Brigham YoungReligious Leader
June 1, 1926Andy GriffithActor
June 1, 1926Marilyn MonroeActress
June 1, 1934Pat BooneSinger
June 2, 1743Ales. di CagliostroRogue
June 2, 1890Hedda HopperCelebrity Columnist
June 2, 1904Johnny WeissmullerActor
June 2, 1937Sally KellermanActress
June 2, 1941Stacy KeachActor
June 2, 1948Jerry MathersChild Actor
June 3, 1865George VEngland Royalty
June 3, 1925Tony CurtisActor
June 3, 1926Allen GinsbergPoet
June 3, 1906Josephine BakerEntertainer
June 4, 1910Rosalind RussellActress
June 4, 1924Dennis WeaverActor
June 4, 1936Bruce DernActor
June 5, 1934Bill MoyersJournalist
June 5, 1956Kenny G.Musician
May 22, 1813Richard WagnerComposer
June 6, 1755Nathan HalePatriot
June 6, 1875Thomas MannWriter
June 6, 1955Sandra BernhardComedienne
June 6, 1907Jessica TandyActress
June 7, 1848Paul GauguinArtist
June 7, 1940Tom JonesSinger
June 7, 1952Liam NeesonActor
June 7, 1958PrinceMusician
June 8, 1810Robert Shumann Composer
June 8, 1902Grant LewiAstrologer
June 8, 1925Barbara BushFirst Lady
June 8, 1933Joan RiversComdienne
June 8, 1940Nancy SinatraSinger
June 8, 1944 Boz ScaggsMusician
June 9, 1910Robert CummingsActor
June 9, 1893Cole PorterSong Writer
June 9, 1963 Johnny DeppActor
June 10, 1895I. VelikovskyWriter
June 10, 1922Judy GarlandActress/Singer
June 10, 1928Maurice SendakChildren's Author
June 10, 1933F. Lee BaileyAttorney
June 11, 1910Jacques-Yves CosteauOcean Explorer
June 11, 1934Gene WilderActor
June 11, 1956Joe MontanaSports Figure
June 12, 1897Anthony Eden Statesmen
June 12, 1929Anne FrankWriter
June 12, 1924George BushAmerican President
June 12, 1932Jim NaborsActor
June 13, 1865William Butler YeatsWriter
June 13, 1892Basil RathboneActor
June 13, 1926Paul LyndeActor
June 13, 1951Richard ThomasActor
June 13, 1962Ally SheedyActress
June 14, 1811Hariette B. StoweWriter
June 14, 1906Margaret BourkeWhite - Photographer
June 14, 1946Donald TrumpEntrepreneur
June 14, 1961Boy GeorgeMusician
June 14, 1969Steffi GrafAthlete
June 15, 1922Morris UdallPolitician
June 15, 1932Mario CuomoPolitician
June 15, 1954Jim BelushiActor
June 16, 1938Joyce Carol OatesWriter
June 17, 1832Sir William CrooksScientist
June 17, 1878M.C. EsherArtist
June 17, 1882Igor StravinskyComposer
June 17, 1917 Dean MartinSinger
June 17, 1946Barry ManilowSinger
June 17, 1904Ralph BelemyActor
June 18, 1910E. G. MarshallActor
June 18, 1918Sylvia PorterEconomist
June 18, 1942Paul McCartneySinger
June 18, 1952 Isalla RosseliniActress
June 19, 1856Elbert HubbardWriter
June 19, 1896Wallis SimpsonRoyalty
June 19, 1902Guy LombardoBand Leader
June 19, 1936Gina RowlandsActress
June 19, 1947Salman Rushdie Writer
June 19, 1954Kathleen TurnerActor
June 19, 1963Paula AbdulSinger
June 20, 1909Errol FlynnActor
June 20, 1924Chet AtkinsMusician
June 20, 1924 Audie MurphyActor
June 20, 1949Lionel RichieSinger
June 20, 1972Nichole KidmanActress
June 21, 1921Jane RussellActress
June 21, 1925Maureen StapletonActress
June 21, 1927Carl B. StokesPolitician
June 21, 1940Mariette HartleyActress
June 21, 1947Meredith Baxter BirneyActress
June 21, 1982Prince WilliamRoyalty