zodiac signs capricorn

Zodiac Signs Capricorn

Element: Earth
Date: 22 December- 20 January

Capricorn is the single-minded, disciplined astrological sign. He does not tend to high altitude flights but remains serious, calm and determined. Diplomacy distinguishes Capricorn as a mediating spirit. He likes to use his properties fruitfully within the framework of a well-thought-out concept. With a sense of responsibility, one should not overlook the warm-hearted sides of the unyielding Capricorn. Beware the Capricorn has to work too much.

What awaits the Capricorn sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Capricorn in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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The Capricorn always aims to reach the highs and stay at the top. The curiosity of the Capricorn can often be offensive and disturb people around. Its stable structure and the security measures it has taken in life help to avoid possible risks. Capricorn has very strong values ​​of its own. Persons with a very strong structure about personal value judgments. Because they are patient and have high sense of responsibility, they can act objectively in the face of the environment and events, and they can succeed in being cool.

General Features of Capricorn

Rulin PlanetSaturn
ColourBrown, dark grey
StrengthsResponsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers
WeaknessesKnow-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst
Qualities Patience
Corresponding Body Parts Joints, knees, skin
Top Love Matches Virgo

Who is Capricorn?

The Capricorn is a feminine bastion of the land group owned by those born between 22 December and 21 January. The ruling planet is Saturn.

What are the lucky points of Capricorn?

The auspicious stones of Capricorn are red quartz and amber stones. Lucky day Saturday; auspicious flowers are black roses, marigold, camellia and chrysanthemum. The colors that are good for the energies of the people who have this objective horoscope are cold-toned colors such as dark brown and nasty green. Capricorn is literally a workaholic. They can often neglect their loyalty to their work, their love for business and even their private lives. Due to their comfortable structures, they can design every area of ​​their life according to their own comfort, from clothing to home decoration. One of the most distinctive features is that they make meticulous plans in their business and private lives, they like organizing work and they are disciplined. As their career perspectives are always good, they never and never fail to take responsibility and deserve to be successful.

How is the Capricorn Man?

He cannot easily accept or adopt anything other than his own. Yet there are, of course, rare moments that he has adopted and accepted. Its rules, discipline and layout make it a very reliable profile.

How is the Capricorn woman?

He is more fond of his house and his friends than his surroundings. He mostly likes to be alone and to act individually. Very disciplined and can take a cold structure. She has the image of a good businesswoman. If he does not work, he can provide us with the discipline in the home environment and does not lose consciousness of duty. He’s a complete mission person.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous capricorn

December 22, 1812December 22, 1812First Lady
December 22, 1948Steve GarveySports Figure
December 23, 1918Helmut SchmidtPolitician
December 23, 1926Robert BlyWriter
December 23, 1950Susan LucciActress
December 24, 1503Michel de NostradomusAstrologer
December 24, 1546Tycho BraheAstrologer
December 24, 1809Kit CarsonWestern Figure
December 24, 1905Howard HughesRecluse
December 24, 1905Ava GardnerActress
December 25, 1821Clara BartonNurse
December 25, 1870Helena RubensteinCosmetics
December 25, 1887Conrad HiltonHotel Empire
December 25, 1907Cab CallowayEntertainer
December 25, 1918Anwar Sadat Political Leader
December 25, 1924Rod SerlingWriter
December 25, 1925 Carlos Castaneda Writer
December 25, 1946 Larry CsonkaSports Figure
December 25, 1949Sissy SpacekActress
December 25, 1954Annie LennoxSinger
December 26, 1893Robert RipleyCartoonist
December 26, 1893 Mao Tse TungPolitical Leader
December 26, 1891Henry Miller Writer
December 26, 1914Richard WidmarkActor
December 26, 1921Steve AllenComedian
December 26, 1924Alan King Comedian
December 27, 1822Louis PasteurScientist
December 27, 1901Marlene DietrichActress
December 28, 1908Lew Ayres Actor
December 28, 1954Denzel WashingtonActor
December 29, 1809William GladstonePrime Minister
December 29, 1876Pablo CasalsConductor
December 29, 1938 Jon VoightActor
December 30, 1895Lotte von StrahlPsychic
December 30, 1865Rudyard KiplingWriter
December 30, 1914Bert ParksEntertainer
December 30, 1935Sandy Koufax Sports Figure
December 30, 1946Patti SmithEntertainer
December 30, 1959Tracy UllmanActress
December 31, 1886 Elizabeth ArdenCosmetics
December 31, 1869Henri MatisseArtist
December 31, 1908 S. Wiesenthal Activist
December 31, 1936 Noel TylAstrologer
December 31, 1937Anthony HopkinsActor
December 31, 1943John Denver Singer
December 31, 1959Val KilmerActor
January 1, 1895 J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director
January 1, 1900Xavier CugatBandleader
January 1, 1909Barry GoldwaterPolitician
January 1, 1920D. SalingerWriter
January 2, 1873 Therese De LisieuxSaint
January 2, 1880Joseph StalinDictator
January 2, 1940Jim BakkerReligious Figure
January 3, 1892J.R. TolkienWriter
January 3, 1932Dabney ColemanActor
January 3, 1909Victor BorgeMusician
January 3, 1950 Victoria PrincipleActress
January 3, 1956Mel GibsonActor
January 4, 1643Isaac NewtonScientist
January 4, 1938Dyan CannonActress
January 5, 1876Konrad AdenauerChancellor
January 5, 1893P. Yogananda Guru
January 5, 1918 Jean Dixon Psychic
January 5, 1928Walter MondalePolitician
January 5, 1946Diane KeatonActress
January 6, 1572Johannes KeplerAstronomer
January 6, 1832Gustave DoreArtist
January 6, 1872Alexander SciabianComposer
January 6, 1878Carl SandburgPoet
January 6, 1915Alan WattsWriter
Janaury 6, 1925John DeloreanCelebrity
January 6, 1947David BowieMusician
January 7, 1572Johannes KeplerAstronomer
January 7, 1844Bernadette Saint
January 7, 1912Charles AddamsCartoonist
January 8, 1864Prince Albert VictorRoyalty
January 8, 1896Arthur FordMedium
January 8, 1935Elvis PresleyMusician
January 8, 1939Yvette MimieuxActress
January 9, 1898Gracie FieldsEntertainer
January 9, 1902Rudolph Bing Opera Admin.
January 9, 1908Simone de BeauvoirWriter
January 9, 1913 Richard NixonPresident US
January 9, 1914Gypsy Rose LeeEntertainer
January 9, 1928Judith KranzWriter
January 9, 1941Joan BaezSinger
January 9, 1951Crystal GayleSinger
January 10, 1887Robinson JeffersWriter
January 10, 1927Giselle MacKenzieSinger
January 10, 1945Rod Stewart Singer
January 10, 1953 Pat BenetarSinger
January 11, 1842William JamesWriter
January 11, 1928 Grant TinkerTV Production
January 11, 1946Naomi JuddSinger
January 12, 1893Herman GoeringNazi
January 12, 1915Martin AgronskiTV Host
January 12, 1951 Rush LimbaughRadio Host
January 12, 1951Kirstie AlleyActress
January 12, 1954Howard Stern Radio Host
January 13, 1913Ralph EdwardsBroadcaster
January 13, 1832Horatio AlgerWriter
January 13, 1860 J. PershingMilitary
January 13, 1866Sophie TuckerEntertainer
January 13, 1919Robert StackActor
January 14, 1875Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian
January 14, 1919 Andy RooneyTV Personality
January 14, 1941Faye DunawayActress
January 14, 1941Gamble BenedictHeiress
January 14, 1412Joan of Arc Saint
January 15, 1906Aristotle OnassisIndustrialist
January 15, 1913Lloyd BridgesActor
January 15, 1929Martin Luther KingCivil Rights
January 16, 1901 F. BatistaDictator
January 16, 1908Ethel Merman Entertainer
January 17, 1863David Llloyd GerogePrime Minister
January 17, 1899 Al Capone Gangster
January 17, 1933 Shari LewisPuppeteer
January 17, 1931James Earl JonesActor
January 17, 1942Muhammad AliBoxer
January 17, 1944 Joe Frazier Boxer
January 17, 1949Andy KaufmanComedian
January 17, 1927Tom Dooley Humanitarian
January 18, 1840A.P. Seinnett Occultist
January 18, 1892 Oliver HardyComedian
January 18, 1904Cary GrantActor
January 18, 1955Kevin CostnerActor
January 19, 1809Edgar Allen PoeWriter
January 19, 1839Paul CezanneArtist
January 19, 1943Janis JoplinSinger
January 19, 1946Dolly PartonSinger