zodiac signs cancer

Zodiac Signs Cancer

Element: Water
Date: 20 June- 22 July

Although the cancer is one of the aquatic beings and shares their creative power, but also brings with it earthy qualities: As a family man, he is sometimes clinging, but always empathetic. Crabs are gentle and reserved, but can also become a vamp. The deep ambivalence of the emotions shows up in exciting and changeful relationships, which are often deeply analyzed. The transformation is also a domain of cancer, at the same time the withdrawal.

What awaits the Cancer sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Cancer in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles..

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For the most part, Cancers come to the fore with their compassionate, gentle, mature and well-intentioned aspects. The protective and retaining structure makes the Cancers a good friend with their patient personality. Their emotions can change very quickly, but they have a very good attitude towards people around them. Extreme carelessness at the level of cunning is the only bad feature of Cancers. Trust and respect are central to their lives. They want respect and trust in the bilateral relations, social environment and family. Although their positive attitudes cause it to be called ya Polyana P, in some cases they may experience internal conflicts, but they try not to reflect it outside. Cancers are very sensitive and fragile. If we summarize the Cancers in a word because of their strong feelings, this must be; Du I feel ‘would be. Nevertheless, Cancers tend to keep their emotions in silence rather than often expressing.

General Features of Cancer

Ruling PlanetMoon
ColourSilver, gray
Strengths tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive
Weaknesses moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure
Flower Orchid and white rose
Qualities Generosity, sensibility
Corresponding Body PartsStomach, breasts
Top Love MatchesTaurus - Pisces

Who is Cancer?

Cancer (23 June – 22 July)

Leo is a feminine bastion belonging to the water group owned by people born between June 23 and July 22. The administrator planet is Moon.

What are the lucky points of Cancer?

The auspicious stone of Cancer is pearl. Uğurlu day is Monday; The auspicious flowers are water lily, white rose, and lily. The color that will be good for the energies of the people who have this sensitive sign is the colors like delicate silver, gray and magenta.

How is the Cancer man?

They are in domestic structure depending on familial culture. They like housework, cooking and family food. Although his compassionate and compassionate nature sounds pleasant, Cancer males like to exaggerate the situation, and this may seem stifling to those around him.

Who is a Cancer woman?

Attractive and attractive women. They have a strong and good mother potential. They like to do housework and spend time at home. He is very good with children and can easily understand them.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous cancer

June 22, 1907Anne M. Lindbergh Writer
June 22, 1922Bill BlassDesigner
June 22, 1936Kris KristoffersonSinger
June 22, 1949Meryl StreepActress
June 22, 1927Jack DelingerCriminal
June 23, 1894Duke of WindsorRoyalty
June 23, 1927Bob Fosse Dancer
June 23, 1948Clarence ThomasPolitician
June 24, 1942Michelle LeeActress
June 24, 1895Jack DempseyFighter
June 24, 1949Phyllis GeorgeCelebrity
June 26, 1912Norman CousinsWriter
June 25, 1903George OrwellWriter
June 27, 1927Bob KeeshanEntertainer
June 27, 1930H. Ross PerotPolitician
June 28, 1946Gilda RadnerComedienne
June 28, 1966John CusakActor
June 29, 1901 Nelson EddySinger
June 29, 1944Gary BuseyActor
June 30, 1966 Mike TysonFighter
July 1, 1916Oliva De HavillandActor
July 1, 1931Leslie CaronActress
July 1, 1934Jamie FarrActor
July 1, 1952Dan AykroydActor
July 1, 1941 Twyla TharpSinger
July 1, 1942Karen BlackActress
July 1, 1961Princess DianaRoyalty
July 2, 1877Hermann HesseWriter
July 2, 1922Dan RowanComedian
July 2, 1929Imelda MarcosCelebrity
July 2, 1908Thurgood MarshallSupreme Court Justice
July 2, 1951Cheryl LaddActress
July 3, 1873George M. CohenSongwriter
July 4, 1826Steven FosterSongwriter
July 4, 1872Calvin CoolidgePolitician
July 4, 1918Abigale VanBuren Columnist
July 4, 1918Ann LandersColumnist
July 4, 1927Neil SimonPlaywright
July 4, 1943Gerardo RiveraTV Host
July 4, 1920Leona HelmsleyCelebrity
July 5, 1889Jean CocteauArtist
July 5, 1951Huey LewisCelebrity
July 6, 1832MaximilianEmperor of Mexico
July 6, 1847Katherine TingleyTheosophist
July 6, 1907Barbara StanwickActress
July 6, 1933Dalai Lama XIVReligious Figure
July 6, 1946Sylvester StalloneActor
July 7, 1491King Henry VIIIRoyalty
July 7, 1925Merv GriffinProducer
July 7, 1962 Tom CruiseActor
July 7, 1922 Pierre CardinDesigner
July 7, 1940Ringo StarrMusician
July 7, 1947Camilla Parker BowlesCelebrity
July 7, 1959Jessica HahnCelebrity
July 7, 1956Tom HanksActor
July 8, 1958 Kevin BaconActor
July 8, 1942 Phil GrammCelebrity
July 9, 1916Edward Heath Statemans
July 9, 1940Brian DennehyActor
July 9, 1951Angelica HustonActress
July 9, 1947O.J. SimpsonSports Figure
July 9, 1956Jimmy SmitsActor
July 10, 1856Nikola TeslaScientist
July 10, 1897Leggs DiamondGangster
July 10, 1920David Brinkley Journalist
July 10, 1927David DinkinsPolitician
July 10, 1943Arthur AsheAthlete
July 10, 1947Arlo GuthrieSinger
July 11, 1931Tab HunterActor
July 11, 1934 Georgio ArmaniDesigner
MJuly 11, 1953 Leon Spinks Fighter
July 12, 1917Andrew WyethPainter
July 12, 1817Henry Thoreau Writer
July 12, 1908Milton BerleComedian
July 12, 1934Van CliburnMusician
July 12, 1937Bill CosbyComedian
July 12, 1948Richard Simmons Fitness Coach
July 12, 1957Mel HarrisActress
July 13, 1928Bob Crane Actor
July 13, 1942Harrison FordActor
July 13, 1950 David DukeCelebrity
July 13, 1954Louise MandrellSinger
July 14, 1913Gerald FordAmerican President
July 14, 1918 Ingmar BergmanFilmmaker
July 14, 1938Jerry RubinActivist
July 14, 1927John ChancellorJournalist
July 15, 1946Linda RonstadtSinger
July 15, 1963 Bridgitt NielsenActress
July 16, 1821Mary Baker EddyReligious Figure
July 16, 1911Ginger RogersDancer/Actress
July 17, 1912Art LinkletterComedian
July 17, 1917Phyllis DillerComedienne
July 17, 1935Dianne CarrollActress
July 17, 1935Donald Sutherland Actor
July 18, 1911Hugh CronynActor
July 18, 1913 Red Skelton Comedian
July 18, 1921John GlennAstronaut
July 19, 1860 Lizzy BordenFolk Figure
July 19, 1922George McGovernPolitician
July 20, 1890Theda BaraActress
July 20, 1938 Dianna Rigg Actress
July 21, 1899Ernest HemingwayWriter
July 21, 1924Don KnotsActor
July 21, 1948Cat StevensSinger
July 21, 1952 Robin WilliamsComedian