zodiac signs aries

Zodiac Signs Aries

Element: Fire
Date: 21 March- 20 April

Building, creative, supportive: The Aries brings the strong, safe features of his animal name Platens. However, his creative power can also turn into destructive if he does not restrain his power. Stubborn, courageous and energetic, they are often athletes and like to take the lead. Aries go self-sufficiently new ways, that makes them attractive and attractive. Also in the relationship of Aries likes to remain independent. Many politicians are rams.

What awaits the Aries sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Aries in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles.

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General Features of Aries

Ruling PlanetMars
StrengthsCourageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate
WeaknessesImpatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive
FlowerThistle & honeysuckle
QualitiesCourageous, sincere
Corresponding Body Parts The head
Top Love MatchesSagittarius

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous aries

March 21, 1946Timothy DaltonActor
March 21, 1962Matthew BroderickActor
March 22, 1923Marcel MarceauMime
March 22, 1930Pat RobertsonReligious Figure
March 22, 1934Orrin HatchPolitician
March 23, 1910Akira Kurosawa Director
March 23, 1990Princess EugenieRoyalty
March 24, 1834William MorrisDesigner
March 25, 1867A, ToscaniniConductor
March 25, 1920Howard CosellSports Figure
March 25, 1928James LovellAstronaut
March 25, 1940Anita BryantSinger
March 25, 1934 Gloria Steinem Publisher
March 25, 1942Aretha FranklinSinger
March 26, 1859 A. E. HousmanWriter
March 26, 1930Sandra Day O'ConnorSupreme Court
March 26, 1931 Leonard NimoyActor
March 26, 1934 Alan ArkinActor
March 26, 1940James CaanActor
March 26, 1942Erica Jong Writer
March 26, 1944Diana RossSinger
March 27, 1947Elton JohnMusician
March 27, 1942Michael YorkActor
March 27, 1970Mariah CareySinger
March 28, 1914Edmund MuskiePolitician
March 28, 1928Zbignew BrzezinskiPolitical Leader
March 28, 1955Reba McEntireSinger
March 29, 1916Eugene McCarthyPolitician
March 29, 1937Billy CarterPresident's brother
March 29, 1943Eric IdleComedian
March 29, 1954Karen A. QuinlanCelebrity
March 30, 1844Paul VerlaineWriter
March 30, 1853Vincent Van GoghArtist
March 30, 1937Warren BeattyActor
March 30, 1945Eric ClaptonSinger
March 30, 1962HammerSinger
March 31, 1934Richard ChamberlainActor
March 31, 1934Shirley JonesActor
March 31, 1935Herb AlpertMusician
March 31, 1933Christopher WalkenActor
March 31, 1945Gabe KaplanActor
March 31, 1948Rea PerlmanActress
April 1, 1815Otto BismarckMilitary
April 1, 1883Lon ChaneyActor
April 1, 1886Wallace Beery Actor
April 1. 1932Debby ReynoldsActress
April 1, 1953Ali MacGrawActress
April 2, 1805Hans C. AndersonWriter
April 2, 1908Buddy EpsenActor
April 2, 1914Sir A. GuinnessActor
April 2, 1920Jack WebbActor
April 2, 1948Emmylou HarrisSinger
April 3, 1783 Washington IrvingWriter
April 3, 1924Marlon BrandoActor
April 3, 1924Doris DayActress
April 3, 1926Gus GrissomAstronaut
April 3, 1942Marsha Mason Actress
April 3, 1942Wayne NewtonSinger
April 3, 1944Tony OrlandoSinger
April 4, 1906John Cameron SwayzeNewscaster
April 4, 1928Maya AngelouWriter
April 5, 1837A. SwinburneWriter
April 5, 1856Booker T. WashingtonEducator
April 5, 1900Spencer TracyActor
April 5, 1916Gregory PeckActor
April 5, 1920Arthur HaileyWriter
April 5, 1937Colin PowellMilitary
April 6, 1874Harry Houdini Magician
April 6, 1892Lowell ThomasNewscaster
April 6, 1929Andre PrevinConductor
April 6, 1931Ram DassGuru
April 6, 1937Merle HaggardSinger
April 6, 1937Billy Dee WilliamsActor
April 6, 1944Michele PhillipsSinger
April 7, 1928James GarnerActor
April 7, 1938Jerry BrownPolitician
April 7, 1939Francis Ford CoppolaDirector
April 7, 1939David FrostTV Host
April 8, 1939 Elizabeth C. ProphetReligious Leader
April 8, 1918 Betty FordFirst Lady
April 8, 1954Dennis QuaidActor
April 8, 1954Dennis QuaidActor
April 8, 1963Julian LennonBeatle Son
April 9, 1821C. BaudelaireWriter
April 9, 1892Mary PickfordActress
April 9, 1926Hugh HefnerPublisher
April 10, 1932Omar SharifActor
April 10, 1938Don MeredithFootball Star
April 10, 1952Steven SeagalActor
April 11, 1923Harry ReasonerNewscaster
April 11, 1928Ethel KennedyPolitical Family
April 11, 1939Louise LasserActresss
April 12, 1930Tiny TimEntertainer
April 12, 1947David LettermanTV Host
April 12, 1950David CassidySinger
April 13, 1743Thomas JeffersonPresident US
April 13, 1909Eudora WeltyWriter
April 13, 1970Ricky SchroderChild Actor
April 14, 1934Loretta LynnSinger
April 14, 1939Claudia CardinaleActress
April 14, 1941Pete RoseSports Figure
April 15, 1843Henry JamesWriter
April 15, 1933Elizabeth MontgomeryActress
April 15, 1958Roy ClarkSinger
April 16, 1889Charles ChaplinComedian
April 16, 1921Peter UstinovActor
April 16, 1924Henry ManciniComposer
April 16, 1935 Bobby VintonSinger
April 17, 1918William HoldenActor
April 17, 1951Olivia HusseyActress
April 18, 1857Clarence DarrowAttorney
April 18, 1946Hayley MillsChild Actress
April 18, 1947James WoodsActor
April 19, 1933Jane MansfieldActress
April 19, 1935Dudly MooreActor
April 19, 1949Palma PicassoDesigner
April 20, 1889Adolf HitlerDictator
April 20, 1941Ryan O'NealActor