zodiac signs aquarius

Zodiac Signs Aquarius

Element: Air
Date: 21 January- 19 February

Aquarians and women are reliable, emotional people, but can also respond ambivalently. Social relationships are very important to them, at the same time they attract the mobility and unfathomability of the wet element. Born in the sign of Aquarius, they are generous, helpful and faithful and consistent in their feelings. Creative, charitable and social professions are the domain of Aquarius. At the same time he needs a safe retreat for refueling.

What awaits the Aquarius sign in 2020. This year is examined and interpreted by us for you. Specifically, what cases are likely to be happen in terms of status of love, health, career and finance of Aquarius in this year and you may have an idea about your 2020 life by reading this article. Moreover, there are lots of articles about other horoscopes and you might find some useful information about your family, friends or partner in these articles. 

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The most important feature of Aquarius is that they are prudent. Buckets, which can maintain the will of the conditions, can create various opportunities in their lives with their humane structures. The impulse of charity brought about by their being discreet makes them to run instantly to the needy. They don’t value money and trowel. In some cases, even the hand may miss the rope of the openness. The worst feature is negligence. Due to their comfortable and variable structure, responsibility values ​​against people and events are less than other signs.
Buckets with a peaceful personality try to avoid the fight noise as much as possible. They want to build their lives at the center of peace and tranquility. Bucklers, who are highly dependent on the concept of freedom, often feel confined to the cage in every aspect of their lives. They do not like the restricted freedom and are disturbed. For them, being free is the first rule of their lives. If you want to build close relationships with a bucket, never and never ask him from the account. Because it perceives the movement as restricted, and can take as an insult to their free nature. The more you go into it, and the way you accept it, is the best you can do. Buckets with strong imagination are rational and intuitive.
In general, buckets are steep. En I know ‘is the word you will hear most often from Aquarius. They want to have equal opportunities, leaving aside racial, gender and social status curtains.

General Features of Aquarius

Ruling PlanetSaturn - Uranus
StrengthsProgressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Weaknesses Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Corresponding Body Parts Legs, venous system
Top Love Matches Sagittarius

Who is Aquarius?

Aquarius (January 22-February 19)

Aquarius is a masculine sign that belongs to the air group of those born between 22 January and 19 March. The ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus.

What are the lucky points of Aquarius?

The lucky stone of Aquarius is jade. Auspicious day market; auspicious flower is snowdrop. The colors that will be good for the energies of the people with this strong will are dark blue and night blue.

How is Aquarius Man?

He prefers to remain connected to the social and external world rather than to be domestic. Friends and their surroundings may come before their family. They can influence the social environment they live in from different perspectives.

How is the Aquarius woman?

They’re extraordinary people. Intelligence is more prominent than all other features. It is very difficult to keep up with the Aquarius woman. If she wants to adapt to her environment, she evaluates this way in his own way and designs the harmony herself. Although they are social and friendly, the choice of spouses is quite difficult.

Which famous from which horoscope - Let's get to know the famous aquarius

January 20, 1859C. A. LindburghEconomist
January 20, 1946David LynchDirector
January 20, 1930Edwin AldrinAstronaut
January 20, 1920Fredrico FelliniDirector
January 20, 1926Patricia Neal Actress
January 21, 1905Christian DiorDesigner
January 21, 1940Jack NicklausSports Figure
January 21, 1941Placido DomingoSinger
January 21, 1942Mack Davis Singer
January 21, 1947 Jill EikenberryActress
January 21, 1957 Geena DavisActress
January 22, 1788 Lord ByronPoet
January 22, 1959Linda BlairActress
January 23, 1783Stendhal Writer
January 23, 1832Edouard ManetArtist
January 23, 1899Humphrey BogartActor
January 23, 1944 Rutger HauerActor
January 23, 1949John Belushi Actor
January 24, 1918Oral Roberts Religious Figure
January 25, 1759 Robert BurnsPoet
January 25, 1874W.S. MaughamWriter
January 25, 1882Virginia Woolf Writer
January 25, 1924Corazon AquinoPolitical Leader
January 26, 1880Douglas MacarthurMilitary
January 26, 1925 Paul NewmanActor
January 26, 1928Eartha Kitt Singer
January 26, 1944Angela DavisRadical
January 26, 1961Wayne GretskyHockey Star
January 27, 1766 Wolfgang MozartComposer
January 27, 1832Lewis CarrollWriter
January 28, 1873Colette Writer
January 28, 1933Susan Sontag Writer
January 28, 1936 Alan AldaActor
January 28, 1950 Barbie BentonCelebrity
January 29, 1860 Anton ChekovWriter
January 29, 1939Germaine GreerFeminist
January 29, 1945 Tom SelleckActor
January 29, 1954Opra WinfreyTV Host
January 30, 1882Franklin D. RooseveltPresident US
January 30, 1922Dick MartinTV Host
January 30, 1937Vanessa RedgraveActress
January 31, 1797Franz SchubertComposer
January 31, 1882Anna PavlovaDancer
January 31, 1887Charles E.O. CarterAstrologer
January 31, 1892Eddie CantorEntertainer
January 31, 1903 Tallulah BankheadActress
January 31, 1919Jackie RobinsonSports Figure
January 31, 1921 Carol ChanningActress
January 31, 1921 Mario LanzaSinger
January 31, 1923Norman MailerWriter
January 31, 1938Princess BeatrixNeth Royalty
February 1, 1561 Sir Francis BaconWriter
February 1, 1901Clark GableActor
February 2, 1882James Joyce Writer
February 2, 1902Charles LindberghPilot
February 2, 1940Graham NashMusician
February 2, 1947Farrah FawcettActress
February 2, 1953Christie Brinkley Model
February 3, 1885Gilbert Bessemeyer Embezzler
February 3, 1874Gertrude Stein Writer
February 4, 1881 Fernand LegerArtist
February 4, 1921Betty FreidanFeminist
February 4, 1945David Brenner Comedian
February 4, 1947Dan Quayle Vice President US
February 4, 1948Alice CooperMusician
February 5, 1900Adlai StevensonPolitician
February 5. 1934Hank AaronSports Figure
February 6, 1895Babe RuthSports Figure
February 6, 1911Ronald ReaganPresident US
February 6, 1915Zsa Zsa GaborCelebrity
February 6, 1912Eva BraunHitler's Consort
February 6, 1931Rip TornActor
February 6, 1943Fabian Singer
February 6, 1940Tom BrokawNewscaster
February 7, 1885Sinclair LewisWriter
February 7, 1870Alfred AdlerPsychiatrist
February 7, 1812Charles Dickens Writer
February 7, 1917Stephen CraneWriter
February 7, 1962Garth BrooksSinger
February 8, 1688Emanuel SwedenborgOccultist
February 8, 1868 Evangeline AdamsAstrologer
February 8, 1819John RuskinWriter
February 8, 1921Lana TurnerActress
February 8, 1928Jules Vern Writer
February 8, 1931James DeanActor
February 8, 1925Jack LemmonActor
February 9, 1891Ronald ColemanActor
February 9, 1914Gypsy Rose Lee Entertainer
February 9, 1942Carol KingSongwriter
February 9, 1943 Joe Pesci Actor
February 9, 1945Mia FarrowActress
February 10, 1890Boris PasternakWriter
February 10, 1894Harold MacMillanPrime Minister
February 10, 1494RabelaisWriter
February 10, 1950Mark SpitzSwimmer
February 10, 1927Leotyne PriceSinger
February 11, 1920King FaroukEgypt Royalty
February 11, 1936Burt ReynoldsActor
February 12, 1809Abraham LincolnPresident US
February 12, 1880 John L. LewisUnion Leader
February 12, 1908 Charles DarwinEvolutionist
February 12, 1915Lorne GreeneActor
February 12, 1916 Joseph AliotoPolitician
February 12, 1968Chynna Phillips Singer
February 13, 1885Bess TrumanFirst Lady
February 13, 1933Kim NovakActress
February 13, 1944Stockard ChanningActress
February 14, 1882John BarrymoreActor
February 14, 1894Jack Benny Comedian
February 14, 1913James Hoffa Union Leader
February 14, 1921Hugh DownsTV Host
February 14, 1927Harvy KormanActor
February 14, 1944Carl BersteinJournalist
February 15, 1930Sarah Jane MooreCriminal
February 15, 1935Roger ChaffeeAstronaut
February 15, 1951Jane SeymourActor
February 16, 1665Queen AnneRoyalty
February 16, 1903Edgar BerganVantriloquist
February 16, 1909Max BaerBoxer
February 16, 1935Sonny BonoSinger
February 17, 1766Thomas MalthusEconomist
February 17, 1902Marian Anderson Singer
February 17, 1925 Hal HolbrookEntertainer
February 18, 1836 RamakrishnaMystic
February 18, 1862 Charles M. SchwabIndustrialist
February 18, 1894Andres Sogovia Musician
February 18, 1890Adolph ManjouActor
February 18, 1922 Helen Gurley BrownPublisher
February 18, 1933Yoko OnoArtist
February 18, 1954John Travolta Actor
February 19, 1911Merle OberonActress
February 19, 1955Margaux HemingwayActress
February 19, 1960 Prince Andrew Royalty
February 19, 1966Justine BatemanActress