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The Basic

Astrology depends on the positions of the planets reflected in the ecliptic belt at the time of birth. The image of the sky is analyzed. It allows you to understand one’s characteristics, fears, flaws and tastes. It is important at what sign each celestial body is. Knowing the features of the solar sign will help us relate any planetary nature to it.

There are four basic elements in nature – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
Each element represents a form of energy. Every sign of the zodiac belongs to a particular element. Each of the elements tells us what we need to build our character.

Elements of the Zodiac

12 Zodiac Signs

The Zodiac circle represents the division of the circle into twelve equal parts, starting at the point where the sun is at the beginning of spring. Each of the zodiac signs represents an attitude, a character’s desires, and beliefs about other people, herself, and life. That is, our Sun sign tells a lot about our character. In-depth personal comments show every person as a unique individual. In fact, there are many features that are interconnected but different from others.


Aries Aries Zodiac Signs MeanThe symbol of the aries horoscope is the horn. This figure is the symbol of courage and assertiveness. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Therefore, it is a pioneer and leader spirit horoscope. It also symbolizes new beginnings and birth. This horn figure expanding by opening from a single point, it represents aries, who enjoys achieving success and victory from scratch with his own effort.
Taurus Taurus Zodiac Signs MeanThe circle in the symbol of the sign defines stability and continuity. Taurus do not loving to follow daily ambitions. Taurus also has a "friendly" and "protective" character. This feature is explained on the horns opening outwards. Taurus is the person of “continuity” and long-term relationships. These two main features of the bull are represented by the circle and the two horns that open outwards.
Gemini Gemini Zodiac Signs MeanFirst of all, the eye-catching point in the symbol of Gemini is, of course, the figure of Gemini. Gemini is known as double character and unbalanced. But, in fact, it has the feature of looking at events and facts from many aspects. The ability to track events from two angles gives Gemini horoscopes the ability to step on the ground firmly and have a balanced posture. Therefore, the floor is told with a figure that holds so firmly.
Cancer Cancer Zodiac Signs MeanThe most basic feature of Cancer signs is that they are emotional. Cancer signs nourish their emotional and spiritual worlds from the people around them and cancer gives them their own love and energy. The symbol of Cancer is a spiral figure describing this mutual spiritual exchange.
Leo Leo Zodiac Signs MeanThe symbol of the leo sign; shows lion's mane and tail. The lion is the king of animals and is very powerful. With this power, leo manages the people around its. The symbol of the leo sign represents this power and leadership.
Virgo Virgo Zodiac Signs MeanVirgo is defined by the "order" principle. Proportional curves in the symbol of the sign of Virgo represent this order. It shows how solid steps Virgo has taken on the path of ascension and success and indicates that it analyzes its current situation from time to time.
Libra  Libra Zodiac Signs MeanLibra is the representative of the principles of justice and balance. The figure shows a figure with the middle up, to the right and to the left and evenly extending. With this stance, it represents stability, balance and equity.
Scorpio Scorpio Zodiac Signs MeanThe symbol of the scorpio shows the legs and tail of the scorpion. It has received many features from the animal species that it symbolizes. Scorpio becomes very brutal to his enemy, also acts very conscientiously towards the people it loves.
Sagittarius Sagittarius Zodiac Signs MeanThe symbol of Sagittarius; It is an arrow that is stretched and ready to jump at any moment. This symbol; represents a somewhat restless, free spirit that wants to go far. Sagittarius, although free-spirited, does not like loneliness in life. Sagittarius needs complementary relationships such as arrows and bows.
Capricorn Capricorn Zodiac Signs MeanCapricorn Zodiac signs are stable and self-confident, just like the animal species it gets its name from. Sharp curves and downward curves are seen while looking at the Capricorn zodiac symbol. This explains that the life of Capricorn zodiacal consists of two phases. There are serious differences between young and old Capricorns. They become more anxious and insecure when they are young, they become more self-confident and confident in their old age.
Aquarius Aquarius Zodiac Signs MeanThe symbol of Aquarius is the sea or light wave parallel to each other. These waves are a mixture of intuition and intelligence. It represents deep love and universal humanity, fraternity. Aquarius horoscopes are different from others and always have something deep inside.
Pisces Pisces Zodiac Signs MeanIn the symbol of the Pisces, there is a bridge connecting the two parallel lines. Pisces cannot live without communicating with other people. They want to learn what other people think and feel by talking and touching. The main reason why he can easily express his feelings is to comfort the person in front of him and to open it.